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Renting a Motorcyle in Melbourne

When planning a trip across Australia, there are so many stops to make. Sydney is the country’s capital and just brimming with the most amazing views and beaches. Brisbane is another populated Australian city that features stunning architecture and buildings. Auckland has a culture that has to be seen to be believed.

However, before departing from Melbourne for an Australian road trip, it helps to have a durable and dependable vehicle that can reach any and all destinations and come back in one piece. Motorcycles are great for the lone rider who doesn’t plan to bring a lot with them. Roomier than cars, these bikes allow the driver to take in the gorgeous sites of Australia directly and not through a glass window.

However, if a driver is planning a road trip through Australia and doesn’t have a motorcycle of their own, that doesn’t mean they have to nix their plans. They can rent one of these bikes instead. This can be much more financially manageable than buying a motorcycle just for the trip. Of course, before seeking rental companies, it helps to plan out the trip completely, both getting there and getting back to Melbourne. Track the estimated amount of miles and how long the trip will take. This way, when the rental company asks, this information can be supplied readily.

This also allows the rental company to suggest the best bike for the ride. Some are better for longer distances and others for shorter rides. Certain motorcycles have a lot more room for item storage, so if a driver plans on taking a longer trip and has to carry their luggage with them, they will need the extra space. Those that won’t be on the road for as long won’t necessarily need a storage area.
Of course, the driver must have the proper license before renting. They will also need insurance in the event of an accident or other mishap. The insurance costs generally go into the rent, but it’s a good idea for the driver to ask the rental company what kind of coverage that they receive for the price. For example, personal liability insurance only covers other people harmed in the event of an accident. However, this may be an add-on that the driver only receives when they ask for it.

At some point, the driver will have to take a break. Whether they stay at a hostel, an inn, or a hotel for the night, the motorcycle must be safely parked and locked somewhere. If the bike is stolen, this could be extremely expensive for the driver, who may have to pay back the rental company for the entire price of the motorcycle. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a good lock before the trip.

A driver that wants to rent a motorcycle in Melbourne for a trip across Australia or beyond can find what they need at Off Track Motorcycles. The best bikes are available for rental, such as the BMW G 650 GS with up to 170 millimetres front spring travel. The BMW G 650 GS Sertao weighs less for those with a smaller load. The BMW F 800 GS Adventure is better for longer trips while the BMW F 700 GS is ideal for beginners and more comfortable drivers alike.

The BMW R 1200 GS is also available from Offtrack Motorcycles. Those that want to go outback offroading should rent this bike. The BMW F 800 GS boasts 85 horsepower parallel twin engine capabilities to expertly drive off-road as well.

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