Renting a Studio in Kolkata

A film studio can also be referred to as a movie studio or studio in simple terms. It is actually a production house or a motion picture company which produces films under its banner. The large production houses have their own private film studios which has a number of facilities to produce a movie. However, there are many entertainment companies which do not have their own personal studio and so they hire one from the large production houses. You can rent a studio a studio on a weekly or monthly rental basis. On the other hand, there are independently owned studios which are only available on the rental basis. The owners of such studios do not produce any movie but allow utilizing the space on a certain charge.

The great American scientist and inventor Thomas Alva Edison was the first person to establish a film studio in United States in the year 1893. It was named as Black Maria which was a tarpaper-covered structure near his laboratories in West Orange, New Jersey. There he asked the dramatic actors to give their performance in front of the camera. . He distributed these movies at vaudeville theaters, penny arcades, wax museums, and fairgrounds. India did not lack behind in the film production as well as Dadasahab Phalke produced the first mute film Raja Harishchandra and then went to make film after the other. As far as Bengali film industry is concerned producer B.N. Sircar established the New Theatres is an Indian film studio in Kolkata on 10 February 1931.

The diversity of the studios is not just restricted to only films but it has certainly become multifunctional. They have spread their hands in the fields of television where the shooting of daily soaps and serials take place. Apart from that other television programs such as reality shows, albums, home videos are also produced there. With the passage of time, the number of film studios has increased especially in the metro cities of India. The facilities provided by these studios have also increased and much more advanced than the earlier. Incidentally, there size has also become larger and one gets more space to shoot a specific scene or video. These studios are relatively dependent on the big production houses for their maintenance.

Establishing the studio in Kolkata has become a profitable business. A lot of programs and films are shot today and so the entertainment firms hire a lot of studios on monthly basis. The rent is fixed and you have to also pay an advance so as to finalize the deal. You can hire the studio according to your needs. The more space and facility provided by the studio, the more will be the charge. The studio will generally have a makeup room and a floor with the entire camera settings and personal suits where the actors can rest after the shoot is over. Apart from that there are indoor as well as outdoor shooting facilities. You can search for the appropriate studio from the internet.