Replacement Patio Chair Cushions – Redecorate on the Cheap

If you are like me, and you got that patio set that came with everything from the chairs, seat cushions, table and umbrella, then you know how quickly it can fade with use.

Although outdoor patio seat cushions are weather resistant and dry quickly if left outside, I do find that eventually the sun and use fades them, and then the set doesn’t look quite as pristine as it did. But to replace the set is just too expensive and the table and chairs are still in good shape.

Replacement Cushions for Patio Chairs

You can be overwhelmed with all the cushions you can get in your local garden center, but if you just want simple cushion replacements for those 6 metal chairs that came as a set, then look online.

You can instantly update and redecorate your space just by replacing the patio chair cushions. Mine take a beating, and once that warm weather hits, we are outside all the time, and so every couple of years I like to try and replace them,

They can eventually fade with the weather and sun but mine used to go for a fly through the yard when the wind picked up, and you would find them in the bushes or the field behind us. We would simply brush them off and reuse them. I would store them under the couch in the winter time, but then I was iching to spruce the patio area up and give it some different colours.

Decorating Your Patio Area is as Easy as Replacing the Chair Cushions

I personally prefer this type, as it is all one piece and it doesn’t have the indents or tufting from heavy stuffing. I just want to have some softness and I find these dry very quickly. I am not the best at bringing them inside if the weather turns, so anything I have has to survive outside. We live in the countryside and the weather and wind can really pick up. Simple No Tufts Replacement Seat Cushions

This style works wel and ties to the chair and is dry before you know it. You can get these in different colours, and they are much easier to store in the off season since they are not heavy or too thick.

Thicker Replacement Patio Chair Cushions

If you prefer to have a lot more padding, and your patio is a little more sheltered, then going for a thicker padded chair cushion set might be better for you. This style is very comfortable and perfect for the high back outdoor patio chairs, but they do take longer to dry if they get wet. Although outdoor fabrics are created so that they won’t get moldy or mildew, they dry and are ready to use again. Padded Replacement Seat Cushions for Patio Chairs

You need to have a good sized storage area for this style of cushion, but it is thick and soft. The stuffing does not shift either, so you don’t get lumpy spots.

Replacing Your Patio Chair Cushion Sets

Whichever style you use, try shopping online there are some deals to be had, and this is a great way to redecorate your outdoor patio space with colour. You just need to decide on the types of seat cushions you need. If you are totally open to the elements, then the lighter sets work well, but if you are sheltered and want the extra padding then the thicker sets work too.

Just think how you live outside and which would be the easiest style for you. You can really dress up your outdoor space and create privacy too with portable privacy screens which create an instant oasis or help to keep the area cool from the heat of the day with sun shades that fit over your patio, this helps to keep your patio cushions from fading too.