Replacement Webbing for Lawn Chairs – Bring Aluminum Lawn Chairs Back to Life

When I was a kid, there were not these fancy outdoor patios and pieces of furniture that you see now. A patio was well setup if you had a handful of webbed aluminum lawn chairs.

These were lightweight aluminum frames that would fold up and fit in the trunk of your car (car trunks were much bigger) to head to that soccer or baseball game. The problem was, that the main part that held your rear in the chair was webbing. It was a plastic type fabric web that simply was woven into the chair and then clipped onto the frames.

Every year my Dad would get those chairs out and inspect them. There would always be the ones that made it through without too much wear and then there were the ones where you could see the webbing fraying and getting thin. If you had visitors over to sit outside you had to be very careful which chair you would offer them.

My brother and I used to bet on which relative or friend would drop thought the fraying material first in the seat! When that happened that frame was set aside for that one day when we would “re-web” it. Usually we would build up a few frames before this happened, but when it did we would purchase replacement webbing for lawn chairs from the hardware store and then everyone in the family would help to renew these aluminum lawn chairs and make them new again in bright colours.

You could get all kinds of bright colours and this was how you decorated your patio and yard. If you were really doing well you would also have the webbed lounger chair which as kids, we would all fight over.

As time passed on, outdoor furniture was created out of water resistant fabrics, and easier to tote along chairs, and higher end wooden pieces and the webbed chair seemed to fade into the background.

Replacement Webbing for Lawn Chairs

Retro Aluminum Lawn Chairs

They are back in style with the colourful webs, and if you are someone who has many of those aluminum frames stashed in your shed, then pull them out and get yourself some replacement webbing for these chairs. You may not find it in the hardware stores anymore but you can definitely get it online.

You will have to remember your weaving skills, with the over and under when it comes to the webbing, but the quickest way I have found to re-web a chair is to start by replacing the vertical strips and start with the middle one first, then make sure they are clipped in and then start weaving the horizontal ones.

Retro Aluminum Lawn Chairs

You will need to buy a bag of the clips that hold the webbing in, because if you have the older chairs chances are the clips are rusted or not in good shape. These are very inexpensive and worth changing if you are changing the webbing. So go retro, and replace your webbing, or find some new aluminum lawn chairs for your space, and brighten it up with lots of colours and patterns.

You may also want to use these chairs to watch your big backyard movie screens or hang around your outdoor gas fire pit they are fun and very retro!