Replacing Internet Explorer

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Replacing Internet Explorer, SeekytWIndows 10 is on its way! For lovers of the Windows operating system, this is good news as a new operating system above what windows 8 gave, is about to be unleashed. Windows 10 is said to be the operating system for all because it is being made with the input and contributions of the users themselves. So basically it could be called the ‘user’s operating system’.

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The innovations that Windows 10 will bring is quite enormous. Internet Explorer for one, will not be the web browser for the new operating system as Microsoft is about to unleash a more, as they put it, ‘streamlined web browser’. The innovation with the web browser is an attempt to make a much faster and reliable web browser like Google chrome, for example.

Users of the popular microsoft web browser-internet explorer, can recount the many sad experience they’ve encountered while using it. This has lowered the popularity of internet explorer to the extent many users have switched to other browsers. Due to the negative perception by users of internet explorer, Microsoft has finally decided to replace it and give users a new web browsing experience which is codenamed, Spartan.The new browser will still use much of the technologies of internet explorer but will be able to support extensions without difficulties.

The new browser will replace internet exporer in the future as the default web browser for the windows operating system, As windows 10 is unleashed, it will come with a backward and compatible version of internet exlorer-IE 12. Users will have a choice to see at work internet explorer and compare it to the new Spartan web browser .

Microsoft is doing all it can to give users a web browser that would erase the negative perceptions that internet explorer has had over the past years. In doing so, it hopes that the new web browser will be something that can keep up with the likes of Google chrome or firefox and finally convince the windows user. Replacing Internet Explorer, SeekytReplacing Internet Explorer, Seekyt

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Replacing Internet Explorer, Seekyt
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