Replanting your Articles

Reading the words of another writer, who bemoans having about 200 articles on Site X, which never paid, moving them to Site Y; now wondering if he should move them here; provoked this article.

I entered the online writing world way back in 2007.  In those days, sites PAID.

I remember making $50 one month on Triond, and everyone laughing; because they made so much more.

One chap had 2M hits on an article; getting 1c per every six, you do the Math, it hurts too much for me to recall.

Factoidz came along, and paid so much more.  So people were leaving Triond, going to Factoidz, which proved to be the first writing scam I met.  It was not the last.

Sites no longer pay.  1c per every 100 had become a good standard.  There are reasons why, but I am not going to discuss them here.

What I’m going to tell you, is how to enter a new site, without losing your work.

Everyone has their ‘war horses’.  Articles they laboured over and posted, and maybe got a few pennies from Site A.

There is Site B.

To try to delete the War Horse from A to post on B might not happen.  Some sites don’t let you delete. Some allow you to ‘unpublish’.   And are you going to jump from 5c to 0c?

What you do is rewrite that Warhorse.  Change the title, change the focus, change your syntax.

Don’t read your Warhouse, write it from scratch, then compare it to the ‘original’, and do the changes.

Often you’ve met new information; perhaps in comments, perhaps in an item written by someone else.

Most writers will  see their old work and find ‘mistakes’.

Sometimes you think you emphasized a point or focused on an attribute, and you really didn’t; you mentioned, but did not spotlight.  In your new version, you spotlight.

Let us be brutally honest, every article you write, someone else has written something like that.

I recall writing an article on the ‘Black Plague’ and on the Same site, someone else had written an article on the ‘Black Plague.’  I assumed it was plagiarized,  until I read it.  It was totally different.

Sure, he had the same facts, because they were facts, but how he used them was different.

Contacting him, he expressed shock that both of us had posted an item on the Black Plague within a few hours of each other…until we realized, we had both heard a BBC broadcast which mentioned the ‘Black Plague’ in regards to a modern plague.

Don’t feel you can not take your own work, dust it off, make the changes, and publish it elsewhere.