Rescue your chlorine strands

The sun and the pool is definitely one of the favorite combinations to enjoy the summer. Think for a moment about all the holidays and picnics you’ve submitted your hair to abuse the sun, salt water and chlorine from the pool.

And, behind or float leisurely swim in a pool, hides ‘a monster’ that attacks our hair silently. I refer to chlorine. Think for a moment in every summer you’ve submitted your hair to abuse the sun, salt water and chlorine from the pool.

The chemicals that make up the chlorine are extremely damaging to the hair, especially if your hair has undergone a chemical treatment, such as dyes, highlights, permanent or relaxers. It is found that during the summer the hair is dry again, and to be part becomes a greenish color when you expose too much chlorine. The next time you go swimming, remember to protect your hair as follows:

1. Not worry the glamor or ‘they will say’ and wear a hat every time you go to your hair wet in the pool. Maybe you’re the only one using a plastic cap in the Resort, but I assure you that you will also be the only one that does not have a hair dull and poorly maintained.

2. Before diving into the water applies a special product to protect it from chlorine. Do not have it, you can opt for a hair conditioner for extra dry. The more oily moisturizer or conditioner is, the better the effect. My recommendation is to buy a economical conditioner going swimming, so you do not waste others cost a little more. Experts say conditioners with high silicone content is best to prevent the strand absorb chlorine. Moreover, you can also mix conditioner with sunscreen to skin cream and apply it to your hair. Thus, also will protect the sun.

3. As soon as you leave the pool rinse your hair with regular water. This includes the time to come out of the pool for a drink or sit and sunbathe and then log back into the pool. Sunbathing with absorbing chlorine hair is like a ‘bomb’ for your hair.

As soon as you get home you should wash your hair with a special shampoo for swimmers and swim Ultra. This is an inexpensive and popular shampoo who swim often. Besides hair remove chlorine, swim Ultra removes ammonia and other chemicals. The dose of aloe and vitamin E containing leaves the hair soft and manageable.

4. If you can buy a special shampoo, resort to home remedies such as rinsing your hair with club soda as soon get out of the pool. Others argue that the color green in the hair can prevent hair ejuagando with tomato juice, lemon juice or aspirin dissolved in water.

5. After wash your hair as you regularly apply a mask to moisturize and soften it. You can also apply as natural as olive oil on dry hair, but only on the tips once a week. For best results mix two or more teaspoons of oil with the same amount of conditioning depending on how much need. Place the mixture on the ends and leave for an hour. Then wash your hair as usual.

6. Try to minimize the use of hand dryers, irons and other hair tools subjected to high temperatures. This will prevent the hair from drying out or cracking.

6. As soon see the end of the summer salon to cut your toes. You can also choose to dye your hair with a darker shade to make your hair look healthier.

7. The next time you go for a walk to a place outdoors remember to take two guards, one for your skin and one for your hair. Your hair will thank you!