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Restore Life Balance with Chakra Healing Stones

Seven Chakras in our body
It is believed that the human body possesses seven chakras which are located vertically at the central core of our body. The lowest chakra lies at our torso while the uppermost on our head. These seven chakras subsume the Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Ajna Chakra and Crown Chakra. These possess the capability of receiving, assimilating and transmitting the energy. Each of these chakras acts as a vortex and is responsible for spinning life force energy in and out of our body.

When these chakras get distorted, become stagnant or go out of alignment, we start feeling illness, low energy and some other effects which affect healthy and pleasant living.

Balancing of Chakras
Balancing of chakras is very important as it enhances ones emotional, mental & physical well-being and improves health. Each of these chakras resonates with a particular frequency of vibration and if any of these get distorted from the overall alignment, the health and well-being of the person starts deteriorating. If this happens, you need to balance your chakras by bringing them back to their original state of frequency and vibration using sacred geometry, crystals and gemstones, energy work, aroma, sound, light and colour. By stimulating ones senses in a specific way, the nervous system of the person and therefore, his/her chakras are balanced.

Balancing Chakras with chakra healing stones
Right from the ancient times of Tutankhamen, the power of healing stones has been well-recognized. The healing and spiritual properties of some gemstones have always made them extremely useful in chakra balancing. Even today, the stone and crystal healing continues to find newer ways in which minerals aid in restoring balance in our stressful lives.

Though, science has yet to establish what exactly happens during stone healing, but the changes and effects experienced by people prove the power of these stones. The chakras absorb the energy which comes from our thoughts and the environment around us. For example, if we possess negative feelings, we will filter negative energy through our chakras and this may distort them or create imbalance among them. We can improve our negative thinking but cannot avoid coming in contact negative energy completely. Thus, we need the healing stones* which can ward off negative energy. Some stones are powerful enough that they create an aura and do not allow negative energy to come near us. This way, they help in restoring balance among chakras, thereby promoting well-being.

*Please do refer a professional Chakra Healer or Expert before finalizing any Chakra treatment for you

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