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Restore Mac to factory settings: Understanding the Intricacies and Advantages

Perhaps in a perfect world, a Mac would perform forever at the peak of its performance. But in this real world, you can’t expect that forever robust performance. Over the years, even a Mac system, one of the best available PCs in the market, gets deteriorated in terms of its performance, speed and productivity. It happens partially because of user’s handling flaws and partially because of technical issues because of which the performance of your Mac system might get compromised. To revive the performance, you might attempt applying various tweaks and fixes. However, in such a scenario, the best option available is to wipe completely a Mac and to start it all over fresh. The process is known as Factory Reset. In this article, you will understand the intricacies of Mac factory restore.

When You Need Restore Mac to Factory Settings?

A computer is a device that certainly gets stuffed with too much of data after years of usage. As you continue working on your system, you keep on adding too much of data. Some of these data hold future usage while some data are irrelevant. If you don’t clean up this data, then it will continue getting piled up on your system, and eventually your device becomes a hub of too much of unwanted data. Same happens in the case of software also. You keep on adding new software but seldom think about deleting those software programs that you are occasionally using or not using altogether.

That takes a toll on the speed and performance of your device. Accumulation of too many unwanted data is one of the reasons behind the degrading PC performance that every user experiences after using their devices for a couple of years.

Over the years, not just you end up accumulating unwanted data but also accumulate malicious files and programs that further work towards compromising your Mac. Factory restore is the one perfect solution that can revitalize your Mac by giving you an opportunity to get rid of the unwanted data and software on your device.

By restoring Mac to factory settings, you can transform your used device into a new out-of-the-box like device. Read below to know how it happens:

What Happens After Factory Reset?

When you reset Mac to factory settings, you command your device to wipe out all the data stored on its hard drive, software installed in its operating system, and settings & configuration modifications. . After factory reset, the Mac OS X gets erased, and then it gets freshly installed. Thus, the OS loses all the software programs or apps installed by you and the settings or configuration modifications done by you. All it will retain is the default settings and inbuilt software programs.

You must be wondering if restoring Mac to factory settings deletes everything, then what’s the advantage of doing it. You can reap the advantages only if you properly backup your data.

Advantages of Factory Restore

Reset Mac to factory settings only after you backup your data properly. Now, your Mac’s OS and hard drive will get wiped out, and all you will have is the latest Mac OS X. Your device will be in the same raw state as it was when you newly bought it. There will be no malicious software, unwanted files, junks, etc. That improves the device’s speed and performance as well.

It’s like having a new device altogether. Now, you can start installing the data from your backup disk. Here, you can be selective and make sure that you import only the relevant data and rest you can keep on your backup disk. In this way, you will get rid of unwanted data that you occasionally or rarely use.

The only downside is that you need to reinstall all the software. But, that you can consider as an opportunity to start all over new. You can get specific about what you need and can accordingly install your apps or modify the configuration.

Conclusion – Things to Remember

The process to restore Mac to factory settings is a helpful and practical technique to give a fresh start to your old Mac. It creates new space in your old device so that you can install new software program or data. Also, it erases everything that is malicious to your device. However, the technique is helpful only when you create data backup otherwise it will turn into an adversity where you will end up losing all your data. So, the idea of factory restore goes hand in hand with the idea of data backup.

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