Results Futsal Indonesia vs Vietnam 17 November 2011 SEA Games XXVI.

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Indonesia Futsal national team failed to win in the first game preliminary round Group A SEA Games XXVI. Faced with Vietnam, Vennard Hutabarat and his friends held the series 2-2, Thursday, November 17 2O11.

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Indonesia, which appear under the support of fans in GOR POPKI, Cibubur, East Jakarta, actually managed to steal goals against Vietnam in the first 13 minutes. Goal was scored by the player back numbered 13, Anga Surya Saputra.

Under these conditions the remaining minutes left in the first half, Vietnam continues to suppress the defense Indonesia. Luckily, Red and White’s defense team was more ready to confront all the opportunities generated by the opponent. 1-0 advantage for Indonesia is to survive until the break.

At the beginning of the second half, Vietnam again dominate. Tactical game farm team Gargelli Sergio’s defense managed to shut Indonesia. The climax, in minute 3 second half, Vietnam managed an equalizer for a 1-1 through goals Giang Hoang Nguyen.

In the mid second half, Indonesia could rise with the defense continues to launch attacks into Vietnam. A number of golden opportunities to get, one of them through the counter-attack led Jaelani Ladjanibi. Unfortunately, Socrates Matulessy who received feedback ripe in the mouth of the goal failed to finish a goal.

Indonesia’s defense off guard again in minute 13 second round. As a result, the team must be made by Roby Hartono re-pierced. This time with a goal by Hoang Vinh Tran. Indonesia was lagging behind 2-1 from Vietnam.

Coming to the last five minutes, Indonesia accidentally entered Sayan Karmadi replace the goalkeeper position. Sayan assigned to go up to help the attack.

Tactic is successful because Indonesia is able to break down the wicket Vietnam just 12 seconds before the game ended. Sales Hariul Ohorella that is not guarded at the far post freely Jaelani continued feedback so as to make the position of the final to 2-2.

Match Teams Indonesia vs Vietnam:

Indonesia: Ahmad Surya, Yos Adi Wicaksono (goalkeeper), Afif Tamimy, Anga Surya, Hairul Saleh Ohorella, Hendri Kurniawan, Indra Kurnia, Purnomo, Jaelani Ladjanibi, Jafri Purba, Sayan Karmadi, Socrates Matulessy, Vennard Hutabarat (C).

Vietnam: Dang Anh Phuoc, Tran Phuoc Buu (goalkeeper), Van Thang Bui, Toan Quynh Luu, Bao Quan Nguyen (C), Hoang Giang, Nguyen Quoc Bao Nguyen, Trong Thien Nguyen, Minh Giang Pham, Trong Luan Phung, Hoang Vinh Tran.

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Results Futsal Indonesia vs Vietnam 17 November 2011 SEA Games XXVI., Seekyt
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