Retail Store Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

A few popular store credit cards for people with bad credit can be had from retailers such as Sears, Target, and Walmart.

Although the interest rates are high and the amount of credit extended is low, they may allow you start building your credit.

A better solution, especially if you are trying to improve your credit score, is to apply for an secured credit card, which offers a low credit limit. It will also require a deposit. The deposit limits liability for the lender.

After using (and paying on-time) with a secured card, you will start to establish a good history and your credit score will rise.

With enough time, you will be able to apply for a unsecured credit card. But you should be skeptical about the offer you choose — Just because you have a poor history for paying bills on time doesn’t mean you should get ripped off.

Read the terms and conditions before getting into trouble and choose wisely.

List of department and retail store credit cards

That said, here is a list of 82 department store credit cards with APR. The (V) means variable. Some you may qualify for — others you may not. Also, there may be more than the 82 listed here, but these are the ones I have found. If you know of others, feel free to list them.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch: 24.99%(V)
  • 25.99%(V)
  • American Eagle Outfitters: 24.99%(V)
  • Ann Taylor: 24.99%(V)
  • Ashley Stewart: 24.99%(V)
  • Avenue: 24.99%(V)
  • Banana Republic: 24.99%(V)
  • Bealls Florida: 24.99%(V)
  • Belk: 24.49%(V)
  • Best Buy®: 11.9% for 0-48 months,25.24%-27.99%(V) after that
  • Bloomingdale’s: 24.5%(V)
  • Blue Nile: 26.99%(V)
  • Brooks Brothers: 22.99%(V)
  • Bryant: 26.99%(V)
  • BrylaneHome: 24.99%(V)
  • Buckle: 24.99%(V)
  • Burkes Outlet: 24.99%(V)
  • Chadwicks: 24.99%(V)
  • Crate and Barrel: 26.99%(V)
  • Dillard’s: 22.99%(V)
  • Dressbarn: 24.99%(V)
  • Eddie Bauer: 24.99%(V)
  • Express: 24.99%(V)
  • GAP: 24.99%(V)
  • Gardner-White: 28.99%(V)
  • Giant Eagle: 24.99%(V)
  • Gordmans: 24.99%(V)
  • Guitar Center: 21.9%-22.9%(V)
  • HealthyBack: 29.99%(V)
  • Home Depot Business: 15%-21.99%(V)
  • Home Depot: 17.99%-26.99%(V)
  • J.Crew: 24.99%(V)
  • J.Jill: 26.99%(V)
  • JCPenney: 26.99%(V)
  • Jessica London: 24.99%(V)
  • Justice: 24.99%(V)
  • KingSize: 24.99%(V)
  • Kirkland’s: 27.99%(V)
  • Kohl’s: 21.9%(V)
  • Lane Bryant: 24.99%(V)
  • Little Switzerland: 28.99%(V)
  • Lord & Taylor: 25.49%(V)
  • Lowe’s: 24.99%(V)
  • Macy’s: 24.5%(V)
  • Mandee: 24.99%(V)
  • Maurices: 24.99%(V)
  • Meijer: 26.99%(V)
  • Menards: N/A
  • Metrostyle: 24.99%(V)
  • NBC: 26.99%(V)
  • Neiman Marcus: New York & Company: 24.99%(V)
  • Nordstrom: 10.9%-22.9%(V)
  • Office Depot Business: 23.99%(V)
  • Office Depot: 27.99%(V)
  • 24.99%(V)
  • PacSun: 24.99%(V)
  • Petland: 29.99%(V)
  • Pottery Barn: 22.8%(V)
  • Radio Shack: 28.99%(V)
  • Reeds Jewelers: 28.99%(V)
  • Restoration Hardware: 24.99%(V)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: N/A
  • Sam’s Club Business: 21.9%(V)
  • Samuels Diamond: 24.99%(V)
  • Sears: 25.24%(V)
  • Sony: 29.99%(V)
  • Stage Stores: 24.99%(V)
  • Staples®: 27.99%(V)
  • Target Business: 18%(V)
  • Target: 22.9%(V)
  • The Limited: 24.99%(V)
  • TJX: 26.99%(V)
  • Torrid: 24.99%(V)
  • Toys R Us: 26.99%(V)
  • Value City Furniture: 29.99%(V)
  • Victoria’s Secret: 24.99%(V)
  • Walmart® Business: 14.8%(V)
  • Walmart®: 22.9%(V)
  • West Elm: 22.8%(V)
  • Woman Within: 24.99%(V)
  • Z Gallerie: 24.99%(V)

Other options include stores that accept Bill Me Later, have choose and charge programs, and are buy now pay later sites. Many of these stores and websites will extend credit if you have proof of income.

For example, websites such as Luther Sales will extend credit if you have a job, but you will pay interest and other associated fees.

Also, many buy now pay later sites don’t credit report — unless you don’t pay the bill. This is useless for building credit. You want a lender to report your good payments.

Rather than searching for retail store credit cards for people with bad credit, your best solution would be to get a secured credit card. I hope this has been helpful to you.