Retractable Swim Spa Covers

Are you looking for retractable Swim Spa covers? Swim Spa makes a wide variety of enclosures that provide shelter for numerous different situations. From pools to restaurants to hotels to rooftops, they can help you make your space more usable in all kinds of weather conditions.

Swim Spa brand name covers are manufactured by Roll-A-Cover, International. The company has been around for over a decade. They are now one of the leaders in the trackless retractable enclosures. Retractable enclosures can help increase the temperature of the water in your pool, spa, or hot tub by 10-20 degrees due to the greenhouse effect that having a cover installed provides. They also allow moisture to escape into the air when even partially opened so they can help reduce dehumidification costs.

No matter what use you have for a Swim Spa cover they can help. They custom fabricate their enclosures out of aluminum so they can fit any space. Some of the custom products they’ve produced include:

  • Sunrooms
  • Deck Enclosures
  • Retractable Skylights
  • Golf Shelters
  • Smoking Rooms
  • Vestibules
  • And many more!

Retractable enclosures are super to fixed enclosures because you can enjoy the weather if it is nice. With a fixed enclosure your pool is covered no matter what the weather is like so if it’s a beautiful day your pool will not be open to it and you’ll miss out on that experience. With a retractable cover you can enjoy the weather if it’s nice out and enjoy your pool or other area if the weather is not cooperating.

These enclosures are high quality and can withstand high winds and even very heavy snow. To get one installed you can contact the company at and have them either professionally installed or in many cases install them yourself.

The enclosures are available in hundreds of colors. They are very easy to open and close and 2 people can move most of the bigger enclosures while 1 person is sufficient for smaller enclosures like a hot tub. Overall, these really increase the usability of your outdoor space and I can’t recommend retractable Swim Spa covers highly enough.