Retro Swim Caps for Women are Back in Style

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As a kid I was not a fan of wearing a bathing cap. I loved the feeling of the water running through my hair when I swam under water, but my mother was not thrilled especially when she had to deal with my soggy chlorine soaked hair! So, for years I never bothered with a swim cap whether in the backyard swimming pool or the salt water ocean, until I ventured into the life of “treated hair”

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Swim caps for women used to be these heavy rubber things that almost ripped your hair out just to get them on with very little stretch. You couldn’t hear anyone and they were usually some kind of gaudy style or colour that pulled your skin back when snapped around your face making your eyes squint.

My mother used to make me wear one with flowers so she could pick me out of the group of swimmers! We looked like a pack of coloured balls bobbing in the water on swimming lesson day!

Swim Caps Went Out fo Style for a While

They sort of went out of style for a while, except for some older adults, like my Grandmother who didn’t want her treated silver hair wet or assaulted by chlorine. I used to laugh until I started getting my hair treated and realized how dried out and dull the treated hair would be after a dip in the chlorine pool. I would wash it out in the shower and give it lots of conditioner, but the more I swam the worse it looked.

I didn’t want to give up swimming, so I started venturing into the land of swim caps for women and realized as I looked around at the local swimming pool and at the beach how many young women were wearing these retro style ones that looked like something from the 50s and 60s! I thought I had gone back in time at the beach!

Retro Swim Caps Came Back with a Vengeance!Retro Swim Caps for Women are Back in Style, SeekytRetro Swim Caps for Women

There was a difference though. The latex rubber that these swim caps are made from is lighter and easier to put on. It still does the job of protecting your hair from getting damaged and wet and the best part is the vintage look with the wild flowers and colours! Something I thought I would never see again has come back with a vengeance!

Since vintage swimsuits for women have made a great come back it was only natural that the retro swim caps for women would follow.

The chic and trendy look this year is the retro styling, and it was really cool to see all these younger women wearing retro bathing suits and swim caps with flowers!

Swim Caps Protect Treated Hair

Treated hair is not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Whether you have the full on coloured dye job, or the simple highlights and even lowlights, at the end of the day, these hair treatments do not like chlorine or salt. When you get out of a pool or the ocean you feel this need to shower because your skin feels tight and dry, well the same thing happens to your hair.

Many times you will get out of the pool and simply sit and enjoy the sun but your hair will have been assaulted by the chlorine or salt and now you are letting the sun bake it. It is not surprising that it will look damaged especially if you love to spend time in the water.

So, the vintage and retro swim caps for women are very popular this season. I mean why simply get a black or white bathing cap when you can add the vintage style cap as an accessory to your retro swimwear. So, I think I will get the pink one with the white flowers like I had as a kid!

Check out the vintage swimsuits as well, and look the part and have fun.

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Retro Swim Caps for Women are Back in Style, Seekyt
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