News Revealing Top Three Places to Live & Work in...

Revealing Top Three Places to Live & Work in Middle East


Europe aside, there’re many regions within the world where you can actually enjoy life and work. Our discussion today will revolve around Middle East boasting top-class business projects and superior lifestyle. Many countries today are facing riots, unrest and even civil wars which you should totally avoid. However, some locations are perfectly safe for expats and UAE is a finest example. Both locals and foreigners consider the region “a heaven on Earth”

Revealing Top Three Places to Live & Work in Middle East


Talking about Middle East and not including Dubai is unthinkable! It’s one of the most crowded metropolitan in the country accumulating a population of more than 3.5 million out of which nearly 70 percent are foreigners. Dubai is closer to Indian Ocean and Oman, emerging as a primary business and revenue generating hub. Original economy was based on oil sector but today, it enjoys minting money from tourism, real estate and fiscal services.

Expatriates residing in UAE find it harder to make friends with locals than other destinations. Still, there’re many recreational features to enjoy social life, a finest way to meet other expats. Outdoor; usually water sporting activities are most popular alongside Desert Safari, Cruise Dinner and Hot-air Balloon ride above the city skyline.

Hydrocarbon industry is a lot smaller with gas and oil representing nearly six percent of Dubai’s GDP. Port of Dubai is another spot of mot economic activities especially bustling with Western nationals. Primary sectors are IT, tourism and industrial development.

Abu Dhabi

After Dubai, Abu Dhabi falls second in number whereas its location is in Eastern part of Arabian Peninsula, bordering the Persian Gulf. The entire city is situated on an island that’s hardly 250 metres from mainland but government is planning massive expansion in forthcoming years. It’s the nerve-centre of country’s political and economic activities producing nearly half of GDP. Even here, there exist a few differences among foreigners whereas locales are purely Arabic. City boasts a more natural look but being small means a shorter commute.


The capital of Qatar, Doha amasses a population of more than 1.7 million that’s approximately 80 percent of total Qatar. It serves as both, an economic and government headquarter situated on the west of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Qatar and UAE has a border difference of just about 30 kilometres. Just like the other two cities, mingling with local community is harder for expats. Still, it’s the best place to work and enjoy a good social life. Don’t miss out different sporting activities taking place across the country. Finding accommodation, learn local language and set-up utilities are a lot more difficult here. If you can’t find a place here, try Jordan property as an alternative.

Bonus Material – A Brief Look at Muscat

Though less popular than many other cities within the Arabian Isthmus, overlooking capital of Oman, Muscat will be a mistake being a charming Arabian city. Fiscal system of Muscat is mainly based on oil, gas, fish and dates trade. GDP is more than 40 billion Euros that’s bound to grow further. If you’re primary interest revolves around Arabian regions, then do have a look at Muscat as well.

Living Cost Compared

Comparing UAE to Doha, it’s clear that both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are lot more expensive; around 50 and 55 percent respectively. Housing in Abu Dhabi is almost 49 percent dearer when compared to Doha whereas other costs are usually cheaper, that includes food, clothes and transportation. Same thing can be said when evaluating Doha to Dubai.


Personal and professional life get a whole new meaning within the above Middle Eastern regions so do tour once.

Revealing Top Three Places to Live & Work in Middle East
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