Reverb Pedals: For Creating Unique Effect from an Electric Guitar

When musicians are trying to build up a unique and interesting sound that defines their songs, they need to keep a lot of different things in mind. After all, it’s unlikely that the musician will come up with a unique riff or completely unique solo that doesn’t sound like a derivation of something else. After all, musicians have been putting notes together in sequence for a very long time and that uses up a lot of the potentially ‘original’ sonic combinations. This is why so many musicians don’t simply rely on creating individualistic song structures with their music. Many also spend quite a long time building up new and unique sounds by daisy-chaining effects pedals to create something truly different.
Different types of pedals can be placed together in different sequences to create different effects. The quality of the sound will depend greatly on the settings used on the pedals and even the sequence in which they are utilized. For example, a sound that uses reverb pedals feeding into chorus pedals will sound different than one where chorus pedals feed into reverb pedals. This is just one of the basic realities of building a new sound. The first sound will build upon the one following it, which will build upon the one following it and so on.
It’s also important for musicians to understand the differences between different types of pedals. After all, there are many different kinds of reverb pedals that a musician would use for different circumstances. These pedals all create a unique reverb that isn’t really matched by another pedal with a different tonality. Discovering which of these pedals works best in a given song is one of the hardest aspects of building a unique mix. However, taking the time to find out which pedals produce the best sounds when chained together can make a song sound significantly better.
As with anything else, musicians need to spend a lot of time perfecting their style and working to create an image that is unique to them. For musicians, the ‘image’ they’re trying to portray to the world is more of a sonic image than a physical or visual image. The idea behind creating new sounds is to help listeners identify a specific sound with a specific musician. It could be referred to as a different way for musicians to grow the brand that surrounds their band name. While there are a lot of ways to accomplish this, the truth is that few methods carry as much potential as using chorus pedals in sequence. Even many digital audio workstations can’t provide the level of depth and clarity that can be provided simply by using pedals strung together in different ways.