Review Kindle's New Lighted Leather Covers For Sale

Why Buy The New Lighted Leather Covers for a Kindle?

If you want to really protect your kindle, you may want to check out Kindle’s new lighted leather covers. The cool thing about it is it has a light that is in the cover so there’s no place you can’t go to read anytime and anyplace you want. Even in the darkest spaces, the light will help so you can finish that book you’ve been reading.

If you don’t want to use the light for times there is enough natural lighting available, then all you have to do is slide it back in. There’s no battery to buy, it’s powered by kindle’s battery so it will keep the cost of constantly buying batteries at bay.

This leather cover has a pebble like grain leather and there is a soft microfiber interior that will help to protect the screen from any type of scratches. You can fold the cover back so that if you want to read with only one hand you can.

The other thing I like about the new covers is that they look good which is important when I walk around with my kindle. I love it and in order to be fair, I’ll include a few other reviews for your reading pleasure.

7 different colors to chose from

What Others Say About the New Lighted Leather Covers for Kindle

One reader said that having a light handy without even thinking about it has made this better than ever!

Another said that she reads in bed every single night and this is the best cover ever that she bought from Kindle!

With over eleven thousand reviews online about new lighted leather covers for kindle, I can say that most are positive and would buy it again.