Review of Madison Rising: Not Ashamed to Love America

I was scrolling through my facebook page the other day and came across a band that made me do a double take, Madison Rising. My first thought was ‘Oh brother, not another pop music band that has no substance’ but when I listened to the Star Spangled Banner they played, I immediately knew this band had something else.

What they had was a distinct sound that cried out to the American people to stand up and take heart. America is not dead, America is alive and well and this band is trying to get that word out one song at a time.

This song will give you goosebumps:

What Does Madison Rising Believe In?

This band is on a mission to make some great music, but their message is very clear. They want the world to know that American culture is not going away, it is alive and today it is more important than ever to take that message to whoever will listen. Madison Rising promotes peace, liberty, independence and personal responsibility.

Just Who Is Madison Rising?

The band is made up of 4 guys who obviously love America!

  • Dave Bray, the voice you hear on the above video, is a patriot who served in the US Navy and the lead singer in prior bands before he became Madison Rising’s lead.
  • Alex Bodnar, the guitarist who has toured the world performing for military personnel, so he knows something about giving back to the troops.
  • Sam Fishman, the drummer who as a child beat on everything and anything. I can relate to this, I have a drummer son who was just like that, and still is!
  • Steve Padelski, bass guitarist who has been playing since age 12. The New Jersey music scene has seen Steve in many different venues, from Jazz to Metal.

These guys make up the band Madison Rising, four men who are on a mission to make the world a better place through what they love, Rock and Roll. I listened to the songs they play and wanted to write a review about an all American band that believes in Country and the right to be an American without excuses.

My work as a believer in buying products Made in the USA brought me to finding this band online. Any time I find someone or something that has to do with our Country draws my attention. Their song about the American Dream is remarkable. It’s a great rendition that the dream is not dead like so many would have you believe and many of their songs give the respect to the men and women who have fought for this great country of ours and who are still fighting. Listen to Madison Rising and get your true patriotism back, it’s not dead and this band is proving it!