Review Of Ozark Trail 9-by-7 Tent

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Ozark Trail 3-4 Person Tent

Reviewed By: Tina Gallagher on July 1, 2014

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I have been using one of these tents for almost two years. I have camped during all four seasons, in torrential rains, high winds and have had no complaints about the sides, size of the tent or the height. Although I can’t stand upright, it has a relatively low profile, which helps during high winds.


There are three screened windows which have zippered closings and two zipper pulls each. I close them on the inside of the tent. During the winter, leaving each open about 18” eliminates any condensation.

I have owned two of these tents, one last year and another this year. I purchased the tent at Wal Mart for $39.99, an increase over last year’s model. The front door features a longer and better rain flap for the zipper, and this year, the zipper has improved greatly. If the rain flap catches, it is easy to get the zipper unstuck.

It is easy for one person to set up this tent; I can set this up in less than 20 minutes, taking my time. The rain fly is easy to install and stake down. It is big enough inside for two single air mattress, one double or queen-sized air mattress.

I fit my single air mattress, my cat, her carrier and litter box, as well as other gear inside. Neither of us feel cramped or are climbing over anything. A single O2 battery operated fan provides a breeze inside for sleep on hot nights. There are other reasons I heartily advocate this tent for camping any time of year.

• The large rain fly covers the windows to prevent rain from coming inside, but still allows airflow for ventilation.
• The bottom of the door is above the floor of the tent to prevent water from coming inside during a rain.
• The seams effectively keep water out so I stay dry even in torrential downpours.
• The price is affordable for virtually any budget.
• This tent is durable and it is easy to repair small holes with duct tape.
• The zippers are easily replaced if anything should happen to them.

Product Description

The tent measures nine feet long, seven feet wide and stands four feet tall inside. Fiberglass shock poles fit together easily and flex with movement inside the tent, pets or people bumping it or high winds.

When packed inside the carrying case, it weighs about nine pounds. It can be carried in backpacks, on bicycles or stowed in camping or disaster bug out gear. The polyester fabric stands up to the sun’s UV rays and virtually any weather.

The rainfly attaches to all four footings and also stakes down with guy ropes. Extra stakes are included just in case more are needed. Inside, a cargo net holds lightweight gear on ceiling hooks. There is a loop at the top of the ceiling to hang a lightweight lantern from, if desired.


Maintaining this tent is easy. Use a soft brush to remove any loose dirt from the fabric and give it a wash with mild soap and water. Identify any holes or leaks and use a tent repair kit to patch any holes. Apply seam sealer to all seams according to the manufacturer’s directions. Set up the tent and spray with a waterproofing product appropriate for the material and allow to dry. To protect the floor, apply a tent floor coating inside and allow to dry, and then take the tent down, turn over and apply a coating to the bottom. Using a tarp under the tent helps protect and supply a little insulation for the floor.

Where This Tent Can Be Used

This tent can be used anywhere tent camping is allowed. Set it up on level ground and ensure there are no large tree limbs overhead that could break in the wind and cause damage. The door should be closed at night, ensuring curious critters stay outside.

Why Buy This Tent?

This tent makes a great present for anyone who loves the outdoors. It also makes a practical addition to camping and disaster preparedness gear. Keeping one for every two family members in the house, RV, vacation cabin or bug out gear is a wise decision.

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