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Review of Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Desk Fan

Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Desk Fan is one of the most popular desk-top fans and there is good reason to claim that it is actually the best desk fan out there. In this article, I review the features of this desk fan and then compare it with a cheaper fan to let you see why it is better.


Taking a look at the features, you immedately understand why people choose this fan although it costs like $60. The most important data you want to know about an electric fan is the air displacement ability measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. Some manufacturers are open about the power of their products and they publish this number. For other manufacturers, it remains a secret. Rowenta has no reason to keep it a secret because VU2531 Turbo Silence Oscillating Desk Fan is killing the competition with a maximum airflow rate of 1,695 CFM. This is better than even some larger pedestal fans from other brand names.

rowenta desk fan

The noise level is quite low, too. It is 55 decibels at the highest setting, which is about the same as some new fridge running.
As in most of the the oscillating fans, there is a bolt behind the head part that toggles the oscillation.The head part can also be tilted back and forth to make the unit blow air up or down. There is also a small handle behind the head that lets you pick up the fan and carry it around, which is handy.
On the base part, you have the spped control knob. The base itself is sufficiently wide so this fan will not fall on its side or something.
Similar to other desk-top fans Rowenta VU2531 has no remote control and although that is not a huge issue for a desk fan that will probably stand close to you all the time, it would have been a nice extra.

A comparison: Rowenta VU2531 vs. Lasko 2017

Lasko 2017 is a budget desk fan. Like Rowenta VU2531, it is one of the best selling products of its type and I thought it would be apt to make a quick comparison of the two to more clearly show the superior quality of the Rowenta Turbo Silence desk fan.
Note that I am not claiming the Lasko fan is a bad choice for a desk fan. To the contrary, Lasko 2017 is a great budget fan that will let you enjoy a mild airflow at about $20. What I am doing here is to compare the two to demonstrate that you get what you pay for.
First, the basic features: Both desk fans have different speed settings, head tilt, oscillation and they have no remote.
Where the two fans differ widely is the air delivery. Rowenta VU2531 can deliver airflow at 1,695 CFM (cubic feet per minute), Lasko 2017 moves air at a maximum of 733 CFM according to Quill. So it looks like a deal: Half the price, half the airflow.

Next, let us take a look at the build quality and for that we need to read the customer reviews to see if these fans last for some time. Rowenta VU2531 enjoys a very high rate of customer satisfaction with only a few bad reviews and on trivial issues. Lasko 2017 is not bad either, but taking a look at the one-star reviews, we immediately come across this pattern of prompt unit failure. It looks like the parts of some Lasko fans are not fitted together properly, which causes resistance when the blades are turning so they do not turn at the lowest setting and and they turn slowly at higher settings. Needless to say, this problem comes up in a fraction of the fans and you can of course send it back to whatever retailer you purchased from and ask for a refund or replacement. But here is the thing. While the refund proceeds, you will be sitting in your room in the middle of summer and without a fan. That sort of defeats the purpose of buying a desk fan, does it not? When you buy a fan, you want it to work so that you can get instant relief from summer heat rather than get you into a hassle with the retailer. That is why Rowenta VU2531 is the right choice. You know it is going to work when you get it.

Finally, there is the style issue. The cheap desk fan looks like a bundle of flimsy, balck plastic while Rowenta VU2531 has that high-end look without the slightest feel of cheapness associated with electric fans. I mean, just take a look at the product photo. Rowenta is the type of desk fan you want to keep around rather than hide when your guests arrive.

There is also a Pedestal Fan by Rowenta

rowenta stand fanIf you believe a 12-inch desk fan is not going to cut it for you, Rowenta also has a pedestal fan. In fact, Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan with Remote Control has become synonymous with best pedestal fan for some time, now. With a 16-inch head, Rowenta VU5551 blows air at 2,436 CFM and that is more powerful than most any household fans you will find. It has four speed settings, a remote control, oscillation, height adjustment and a wide base part to minimize the risk of falling down. If you are satisfied with what you read about Rowenta desk fan and you feel like you could also have a stand fan, Rowenta VU5551 is the model you must not miss.

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