Review of Russian Airline Aeroflot


During Soviet rule the stress of Aeroflot was not commercial, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union commercial considerations have come to the fore. The air line is one of the biggest air lines in world and flies to 800 destinations from Cuba to USA and China to India. It covers most of the globe and is Russia’s official flag carrier.
The air line operates Russian aircraft only and these are not a byword for fuel efficiency and economy. Operating cost is thus higher.
The airline also needs to improve its safety record and a number of accidents have occurred. In addition in flight catering also needs a revamp. But it is the best airline to fly to the far corners of Russia.
The international hub of the airline is at Moscow. During the heydays of communist rule the airline had only one class of passengers, but now its configuration consists of First class and tourist class as well.
The airline allows you to earn miles that can be cashed for future travel by Aeroflot. The air line also has an elite club which has two types of memberships namely silver level and gold level. For gold level you need to qualify by flying 50,000 miles in a calander year.
The fares charged by the airline are competitive and this is one of its strong points. The air line also has a cargo division which transports goods to the far corners of the globe.


Aeroflot allows a refund and tickets can be cancelled. Patrons can expect a full refund in case the booking is cancelled 24 hours prior to the flight. The refund policy is fairly liberal and the airline allows a full refund up to the flight time departure.

The air line is a global airline touching over 800 destinations in Russia and abroad. The site can be accessed from anywhere in the globe and a booking made. The airline flies to the USA, China, Far East, Europe and down under.

The site sells tickets for air travel. At the click of a mouse the latest software will help you book a seat.
Customer Service

During the days of Soviet rule the airline laid very less stress on customer care. After the break up of the Soviet Union this has changed and the customer service is more responsive.
Adilya Fokeeva
Head of Investor Relations
+7 495 258 0686
Department of Corporate Governance
+7 495 258 0684 +7 (495) 223-55-55
8-800-444-55-55 (processing of e-mail from 9:00 till 20:00)

The Aeroflot head office is in Moscow at

Aeroflot Head Office
10, Arbat Str.,
Moscow, Russia, 119002
Phone: +7 (499) 500-6905
Fax: +7 (499) 500-6867,

Aeroflot has improved its service and is a monolith carrier. Its advantage is its reach all around the globe. Passengers are divided at about 50% about the efficacy of the airline.