Review of the Benefits of Unbreakable ASV levers

While there are some lucky bikers who have never seen their bike come crashing to the ground, there are plenty who have watched in horror as they laid their bikes down on the pavement. Dropping your bike can really cost you a ton of money, depending upon what damage is caused by it. The most common element that will break is actually your clutch lever. This is because that lever juts out past the handlebars and is one of the first things that will meet the pavement as your bike comes crashing down. Over the years gone by, numerous companies have designed protected levers just for these situations. In this review, learn more about the benefits of the unbreakable AVS levers.

Protect Your Clutch Handle
One of the more commonly destructed items with bikes is in fact the clutch levers. If you take a gander at your clutch lever, you will notice that most have a signature middle line that’s on them. This line is actually the “break point” of the lever. When your bike is involved in an accident, or if you accidentally lay it down on the ground, the lever is designed to break at this “break point.” Unfortunately, a broken lever is not going to help you much if you are unable to shift your gears and access your clutch after the fact. The most powerful benefit of ASV levers is that their unique design has been crash tested and rated as “unbreakable.” Instead of featuring a break line, the lever is designed to flip inwards as the bike makes contact with the ground. Afterwards, the bike can be repositioned in its upright position, and the lever can be readjusted, without compromising the necessary clutch lever for riding.

The protection measures aside, AVS also has perfected the design of their levers. Since riders will come in all shapes and sizes, this also means that reach is an inherent factor for every rider on the road. The AVS design features an adjustable reach. This enables bikers to adjust the reach and grip of their levers to optimal levels for sustained riding comfort.

AVS leavers

Multifarious Design
The AVS brand of these levers is not just designed for one type of motorbike. Rather, they are multifarious. Current designs are able to be fitted to F1 through F3 and C/5 through C/6 series of motorbikes and ATV vehicles.

There are two advantages with AVS as far as the economical approach is concerned. For one, it’s always cheaper to conduct preventative maintenance than standard maintenance; meaning that it is wise to install unbreakable levers before your bike takes a tumble and sustains damage. Secondly, AVS designs come in numerous different options that are affordable to riders of all budgets.

Depending upon the model of AVS that you buy – and there are several different models that come in different price ranges – a specific warranty is offered. AVS pledges that their levers are unbreakable. They offer a varying limited warranty that can range from three to five years if the lever breaks during this timeframe.