Review of the MacBook Pro MD313LL/A Laptop

MacBook lovers and newcomers to Apple computing will both want to check out this latest entry into the mac laptop family. This particular MacBook has retained many of the features that made its predecessors so successful, but its guts have been upgraded in power. The result is a super-slim super-slick laptop that comes in at 13.3 inches and has enough juice for mobile web developers, business users and power music junkies.

mac book pro md313 laptop front view

MacBook Pro MD313LL/A Key Specs At A Glance:

Processor: 2.4 GHZ Dual Core Intel Core i5

RAM: 4GB Pre-loaded DDR3 SDRAM

Storage: Choose from a 500GB or 750GB hard drive.

Operating System: Mac OSX Lion Version 10.7

Average Battery Life: Roughly 7 Hours Depending on Usage

Display: 1200×800 Back Lit Screen Powered by HD Graphics 3000 Video Card

Weight: 8.24 LBS

mac book pro side view

Clearly, this mac laptop is a beast and pretty well loaded for being under 9 pounds in total weight. If you can carry a newborn baby, you can carry this powerful macbook around, too. You’ll also notice that the aluminum case on this laptop is cut from a single piece of metal. This is done to make product even tougher. It’s no toughbook and you shouldn’t try to drop it, but it you also don’t have to worry so much about nicking your macbook like you did with the plastic versions.

One of the features that Apple is pushing the hardest on this iteration is known as Thunderbolt, a digital transfer technology that is capable of achieving speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second to or from your macbook to another hard drive or server. You’ll find a special Thunderbolt port on this mac laptop that will accept other Thunderbolt-specific devices or fire-wire capable peripherals. Ultimately this won’t be a big purchasing factor for most casual users, but some techies might be glad to know that Thunderbolt is about twenty times faster than USB 2.0 transfer speeds.

cool backlit keyboard on the macbook pro MD313

This is a lot of computer to get for the price tag, which is about $1200 depending on the version you get and the day you actually buy it. As usual, Mac laptops boast some of the highest and most impressive battery longevity in the industry. Many windows machines and laptops will claim 3 or 4 hours of work time on battery, but drain down to dry after 45 minutes of watching a movie or browsing online. Macbook batteries have a lot of staying power.

You also get to use the slickest and most intuitive operating system around. With the ability to open and close windows and see all running programs with a single keystroke is beloved by devoted Mac users. Mac OSX Lion has a couple of nice advancements like multi-touch gestures which are special physical commands you can give your macbook via the touchpad. These can save you time once you get comfortable using them.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of this mac laptop is the backlit keyboard. It’s not really essential to see your keyboard well in the daytime, unless you’re still spending time with Mavis Beacon or you’re just a hopeless hunter and pecker, but it sure is sweet to able to see your keys in the middle of the night in a dark room. Even skilled typists often struggle to find some of the lesser used utility keys in the dark, a problem the backlit keyboard addresses nicely.

Another great feature that’s sure to please those on the go is a built in webcam that faces the user. To make the most of this, Apple’s Face Time comes installed on these macbook machines to make video chatting with your friends and family or web conferencing with your clients and colleagues a breeze.