Review: Samsung UE40ES5700 (40-inch LED TV)

Samsung UE40ES5700 costs just 460 euros, but it offers very good quality and a lot of networking, online and multimedia features. 3D only missing the price-performance winner in the TV ranking.

Compelling features four reception parts, online and network capabilities, two USB ports, and more – Samsung 40-inch TV with Edge LED backlight and full HD resolution with all the essentials. The Koreans in this TV forgo 3D playback, lets get over themselves given the price.

After all, the quality remains despite budget price not on the track. The image of the four built-in tuner (DVB-T,-S (2),-C and analog cable) we liked in the test well. Only in fast motion scenes occasionally slight motion artifacts were noted, but otherwise the display looks in both SD and HD (720p and 1080i), sharp and colorful.

Good home theater with light rays
DVD and Blu-ray disc, the picture is good or very good, everything looks nice and sharp movements appear smooth. The coloration darker pega image sequences is achieved generally good, however, affect the somewhat irregular back light detail reproduction. In light picture appears while the panel is illuminated uniformly beautiful, in dark scenes, but the sides are much brighter than the center. With this problem, the cheap Samsung televisions are however not alone, many edge LED TVs are affected by this effect. Disruptive cloud formation in the classical sense (clouding) remains out after all.

Very good sound, great features
The sound of the Samsung Total convinced and offers beautiful rich bass. However, the TV is not too loud, before low frequencies bring him something to roar.

Praise the clear menu deserves very many options and the remote looks tidy. Samsung equipped the UE40ES5700 only three HDMI ports – but it is Scart, component and composite ports available directly without adapter to the back.

In Network and Internet TV comes via LAN, optional is also a wireless dongle available. About Samsung’s SmartHub you have access to hundreds of online content: Since you are including a free browser with Flash support, the popular online apps and various video-on-demand offerings.

The integrated media player supports all the formats that you could wish for, including files in 1080p MKV container with DTS sound (in pega). You can play the content from the network and the two USB ports. On there to connected external storage devices can also record content from the DVB tuners.