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RFID Tags- A sneak peek on its benefits

Remember the time, when we used to calculate the stock or inventory manually, well with the passage of time technology has changed its dimension. Now, we have a robust system to transfer the data and information, and this dynamic technology is called as RFID. Radio Frequency Identification Technology or RFID is commonly used to send or receive data wirelessly. A wide array of electronic devices like mobiles, television or wireless technology uses it to send or receive the information. This kind of technology helps your business to track inventory and equipment. The RFID system is composed of reader, window based pc, RFID tags or transponders. These tags contain within itself microelectronic circuits that store all kind of product information. The tags further transmit the data to another RFID reader.

RFID tags India is gaining a lot of importance because of its ever-increasing speed and less cost, but at the same time the proliferation is also on rise. Here we have mentioned why this technology is gaining importance and how it stands apart from other optical technologies like barcodes.

Though the tags are more costly as compared to bar code, it proves to be an indispensable tool for a wide number of automated applications including data acquisition and object identification. Here we have mentioned rfid tags uses in detail:
No wires are required to send and receive data- The major benefit of RFID tags is it doesn’t require line of sight i.e. it can easily transmit the data wirelessly.

Dynamic Technology- Transponders or tags can be easily read through different substances like snow, fog, dirt, ice and even in difficult scenarios whereas bar coding or other kind of optical reading technologies is just failure in this case.

High speed- RFID transponders work at a dynamic speed even during the difficult times, and in most cases these transponders respond in less than 100 milliseconds. Thus, making it a dynamic and effective technology in comparison to the bar codes

Two way communication process- Another benefit of RFID transponders is their writing and reading capability like for example, they can track the products while they are still in the process.
Durability in tough conditions- In difficult external environment RFID technology has the benefit of being able to communicate wirelessly without any line of sight or data medium. It can even read data in tough environment like dust, paint, ice, etc.

Can detect the data in bulk- Active and passive tags both can detect HF and UHF frequency very well, which in turn helps to detect number of transponders in the field. This property of RFID is called as bulk capability. In practical language, it means that RFID tags don’t detect every data medium singly, but it automatically detects the data.

Aside from that these tags, offer below-mentioned benefits
• Helps in inventory control and location of item, which in turn reduces search times, reduces levels of inventory and helps in overall manufacturing process
• These tags helps in maintaining work in progress records, productivity and streamlines the cost of the finished goods
• These tags helps in real time monitoring of production process distribution process and thus tries to maintain overall efficiency
• These tags enhance profitability levels and its ability to reduce the overall inventory costs
• It reduces labor cost, thus helps you to get rid of manual procedures.
• Simplifies the process and reduce the chances of overstocking
These tags improve shipping accuracy, thus making sure that orders are dispatched on a timely, error-free basis, which in turn improves overall customer satisfaction index and the profitability or repeat order.

Helps in capturing the real time data by means of warehouse management system and enterprise resource planning

Another benefit of this technology is in shipping industry. For instance, goods in shipping come with specific labels, but proper information is not written on it, so it would be best to use these tags as an identity badge. All the relevant information can be written on the badge and attached to the pallet. Now, these items can be added to the stock and computer will be able to provide information about goods work in progress and where they are located in the warehouse.

Though RFID is not a substitute for a traditional barcode system, but both of them work parallel to each other depending upon the application. The major benefits of RFID are speed, less noise, and environment sustainability.

In a nutshell, RFID technology is a step ahead of all kinds of wireless technology, but it is still in nascent stage.

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