News RFID Technology- A Blessing in Disguise

RFID Technology- A Blessing in Disguise


RFID technology popularly referred as Radio Frequency Technology is used to transfer and receive information without the assistance of wires. In fact, it is also called as wireless technology. But what this technology and what are its practical uses? The device is similar to the magnetic strip of credit card or a debit card. It means it provides information when scanned and serves as a unique identifier for that particular object. This kind of technology is used by a wide array of electronic devices like television, radio and wireless phone to transmit and receive information.

This technology contains tags that help in identification of the objects and for tracking the inventory. An RFID technology has a tag in itself that helps to read and write the device, helps in data collection, processing and transmission. RFID tag entails chip, memory and antenna. RFID tags have their own source of power also called as active tags and those who don’t any source of power are called as passive tags. These tags can be activated as and when required. The electrical current that passes through these tags is too small. It is meant to recognize the identity number of a product. Active Tags contains more memory and it can be easily read.

Potential Benefits of RFID
• RFID technology uses wireless technology to track business inventory and equipment. An active RFID technology is composed of various elements like RFID reader; Web based Pc, Transponders or tags. The tag is placed inside the inventory.
• Another potential benefit of this technology is it helps in inventory management- it keeps a track of vehicles.
• These technologies are the best solution for a logistic company, particularly when optically based system fails to read and write the information. The technology is ever evolving and is easily available.
• The main advantage it has over bar code is that the line of sight available is difficult to read and sometimes it becomes an obsolete technology for the large industries. In order to function it in a right way, these technologies must have clear optics that are free from abrasion and should be user friendly. Hence, RFID comes into picture. It helps the user to read data even from greater distance and even in harsh environment.
• Additionally, this kind of technology is flexible as it has electronic memory same as what your computer or a digital camera has to store information about equipment. The information can be updated as and when the need arises.

RFID has definitely an upper hand over bar code technology because:
• It doesn’t require line of sight
• It can be read from distance
• Easy access to data
• It entails multiple tags that are easy to read and write

RFID tags in India are increasingly used in India for supply chain management. This technology is more popular as compared to bar code technology, as these tags remain unobstructed and can be read in harsh environment.

RFID tags uses are endless. The injectable Id chips are also used to keep a track of wildlife and livestock. It is also used by the doctor to identify the patient, who is unable to communicate. What’s more! It provides access to past medical records of the patient. The only limitation of this kind of technology is that it can be easily cloned and can be used for illegitimate tracking.

RFID Technology- A Blessing in Disguise
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