Rice Used in Different Ways

Indian rice is the staple food for many people. It can be used in many different ways. Here are some of its uses.

As Staple Food: Rice is the staple food of more than the half of the world’s population used to eat in many different ways by making a variety of rice dishes using different varieties of rice.

Rice Syrup: Rice syrup is used as sugar substitute and is gluten free. It can be used in cooking and baking to sweeten the food with fewer calories and to avoid the use of sugar.

Rice Starch: Starch is used in food processing such as in making ice-cream, puddings, gel, and custard powder, as a nutrient. Starch sugar is used in foods and drink as a sweetener.

Rice Bran: Rice bran is used in some food items such as snacks, bread, biscuit and cookies. Defatted rice bran is used in making organic fertilizer, cattle feed, medicinal purpose and for wax making.

Rice Bran Oil: It is used as edible oil as it is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients. It is very healthy to eat rice bran oil. It is used in fatty acid and soap manufacturing. It is also used in detergents, cosmetics and synthetic fibers.

Parched Rice: Made from parboiled rice so it becomes very easy to digest it.

Flaked Rice: It is also made from parboiled rice and used to make many dishes and for

preparations. There is a variation in is that is made from parboiled basmati rice.

Puffed Rice: Puffed rice is made from the paddy of rice grain, used as whole for eating.

Broken: Broken rice is used in making of some food items such as rice flour, breakfast cereal, noodles, baby foods, rice cake and poultry feed.

Rice Husk: Rice husk is used as biomass to fuel and co-fuel power plant. Other uses of it are in soil aeration, composites and animal bedding, paper manufacturing, packing and building material.

Rice Straw: It is used as fuel, animal feed, mushroom bed and many other applications.

Thus rice can be used in many different ways. Its paddy is used as a seeds.