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Ride in Style with a Limousine Service in Perth

For anyone who is looking to ride in style and show off while at it, there really is nothing like riding along in the back of a limo. It isn’t every day (usually) that someone gets to ride in such a vehicle, and due to this it is an extra special occasion. Whether it is a school dance, a special wine tour, a rental for a wedding or just to be picked up from the airport and taken to a business meeting, there is just something special about riding in a limo. This is exactly why it is necessary to find the perfect limo for the right occasion. It isn’t as simple as just renting a limo any longer. There are all sorts of options and features that need to be looked into first.

Limo Styles

There are many different styles of limos out there now. It is possible to still rent out the classic Lincoln Town car or Cadillac style, where it is basically just a stretched out sedan. These vehicles are great and still offer plenty of room for transporting passengers. Best of all, with these kinds of vehicles, as long as the passengers are of a legal drinking age, it is possible to consume alcohol beverages while the vehicle is in motion. However, it is very important to look into smoking regulations with the limo service ahead of time. As the vehicles are used by multiple parties, some of whom are allergic to cigarette smoke, there may be strict rules regarding whether or not someone is able to smoke in the vehicle or not.

Outside of the traditional style, there are brand new, larger limos that offer more headroom. In fact, there are even some that allow passengers to completely stand up in certain areas with a small dance floor in one section. There are full sized Ford Escalades in limo size and a person can even rent out a stretch Hummer as well. So, whether the party is for a school dance, for the members of a wedding or just friends who want to take in a local wine tour, there are plenty of design options. Even the inside of the limos have different features as well, as some offer disco and DJ options, plenty of containers for keeping drinks cold and lighting that keeps the party rolling, no matter what time of day or night it is.


When booking with a particular company, it is important to check out what sort of services they offer. These sorts of services can vary, so making sure the company offers what a group of people is looking for is vital. While most are going to provide limo services for weddings and hen or buck nights, there may be only a handful that deal with school dances and balls, as not all want to drive individually between locations who are under the legal drinking age. Beyond this, some limo services may offer wine tours or sightseeing tours, it really just comes down to what some individuals are for and what the limo service is able to provide. Looking into these particular offerings is vital, otherwise someone who wants to rent out the service may find out that it is not offered by the particular company.

There are several different limo services available throughout the region. Due to this, it is necessary to find the very best company that can offer the right assistance and the right vehicle packages. One of the very best is KJC Limousines. From Ford Explorers to Chrysler 300s, the company has it all covered.

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