Rise Of the Planet of the Apes’, Rises to Expectations

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‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, will be the beginning in a series of movies yet to come about how apes and chimpanzees rise up against their confinements of medical experiments, and the human clashes against them.

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The plot involves a drug company trying to discover the cure for Alzheimer’s. Will Rodman (James Franco), a researcher for the company has discover a drug called ALZ 112. This drug apparently can not only cure the disease, but makes the apes better and super apt at sign language.

A particular girl chimp goes , well ape , but not for the reasons the viewer might expect. So the experiments are called off, and most of the chimps are put down. All for except a baby chimp called Cesar. Will decides to take this little guy into his home and raise it like a pet Curious George.

The underlining plot is when Will decides to take the drug home and begin testing it on his father who has the disease and was a piano teacher, and now struggles with the keys to make any type of beautiful music. The drug works on him, played by (John Lithgow) , and really that’s about the end of that other than to have a very tender moment with Cesar before the drug experiment begins.

Caroline played by, Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire , plays a Primatologist who forms a relationship with Will and ultimately helps raise Cesar as well. The relationship with these two is flat, and not really much insight is given from Pinto regarding care and knowledge with Cesar. I would of probably liked more input from her into the story about the pros and cons about raising a chimp from Pinto, taking Will to school on the matter.

The story unfolds as we see Cesar making his way all around the house as a baby, in true chimp manner. As expected, chaos erupts, and Cesar is sent to a keeper, or a home for I guess, lost and distressed chimps. The keeper played by (Tom Felton) is cruel to all the chimps and apes. It is when in lockup, that the movie really starts to move you.

Cesar, like new fish in a human prison cell block, must fight his way for respect, and leadership.

This is a story line we have all seen in other movies before and in the original Planet of the Ape series, but here we have CGI that takes the chimps to a more realistic level, and leaving the viewer touched more by their facial expressions. The human element of the movie is not the from humans, but from the apes and chimps themselves who free themselves from captivity and head for a utopia they belong in, just passed the Golden Gate Bridge. A struggle must humans fight for themselves, less the Redwoods.

The real stars of this movie are the apes and chimps and the CGI that goes along with it. Sure CGI is used, but not merely for action sequences,but as an effective story line in this sure to be a prequel to other Planet of the Ape movies.

‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ , is far batter than the overly beaten into movie goer’s, superhero action features. CGI is great, but the telling of the story is still key for me to keep me interested, and ”Rise ‘, succeeds at tenderness, and me caring about a CGI chimp and his posse.

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Rise Of the Planet of the Apes’, Rises to Expectations, Seekyt
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