Rising Career in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country & in this country the majority of the revenue comes from exporting the readymade garments. In the year 2012 Bangladesh has reached one position up to the second position by exporting the second highest amount of readymade garments in the globe. To continue the journey this rising sector needs talented professionals to maintain the product quality to the highest level. So in coming days this sector can be the hot cake for the job seekers & for the students my suggestion will be to study in the technical category in Textile & Ready made garments sector e.g Textile Engineering, Fashion Designing etc. In the specialized category there are different sections in textile engineering where you will get Yarn Manufacturing, Fabric Manufacturing, Wet Processing, Garments Manufacturing etc. Depending on your interest you should chose the appropriate subject for you. Being an Engineer I have worked in some International & Local Organizations in Bangladesh & from my expertise I will suggest before choosing your subject please make sure to understand what is your strength & interest. His is highly recommended since if you choose a subject you are not interested then you will never be able to score good mark at that subject & in your career you will not be able to succeed. So keep these things in your mind before choosing your Subject for higher study & your career.

There is another Rising job sector in Bangladesh i.e Freelancing or outsourcing. For doing this you don’t need to be a Computer Engineer but you need some basic knowledge on Computer & some specific task e,g If you know typing then you can start as a Typist. If you know Photo editing then you can do this task online. If you know programming you can work as a programmer. But for this outsourcing job you must be a good communicator & you have to now English well because most of the work will be provided from the 1st world country where the main language is English. There are several task in Outsourcing e.g Data Entry, Typing, Presentation Making, File Format Conversion, Audio/Video making & Transcription, pdf creation, Template creation, Photo editing, Logo Designing & Editing, Newsletter creation, Software Development & creation, Webpage development. Search Engine Optimization etc. Depending on your specialization you can chose the proper task for you & you can start right now.

I wish & think that this article will help you guys to select your undergraduation subject or career.