Ritual protection with cinnamon

Ritual protection with cinnamon

Ritual protection with cinnamon

How to remove negative vibrations from the environment


Environments, like people, are affected by the negative energy accumulated throughout the day. Often not enough to clean them to remove negative charges, particularly if they have carpets or upholstery, which tend to absorb the negative vibrations from the environment. In these cases it takes more; this ritual with cinnamon will give the solution.



Your good energy can be affected by negative vibrations from the environment where you live or work. Perhaps you’ve spent any time getting into a place and feel an avalanche of negative waves. Other environments instead make you feel so comfortable, it costs you leave.


This subjective feeling is not necessarily related to the actual look and concrete environment in question, but something much more abstract, on the field of mental perception.


The problem arises when you need to spend many hours in a place with those characteristics or whether, specifically, is your home. For those cases, cinnamon, thanks to its esoteric property away the bad vibes, is an excellent resource to eliminate negative energy from the environment.


You can use it in any of their presentations. If you employ in powder form, be sure to remove it after the expiration, about 30 minutes, since at that time it will have absorbed the negative energy from the environment and should be discarded.



There are much easier to enjoy its benefits forms. You can choose to use incense or scented candles, even better if you get cinnamon and place it some branches on a brazier.


Try it, the results will soon be noticed.


Would you like cinnamon shield you in love and money?


By: EsamPim