Road Runner Internet – High Speed Internet

High Speed Road Runner Internet

Road runner internet is a service provided by Road Runner High Speed Online which is a US based internet service provider. This service was launched as a market test in 1995 in Elmira, New York under the name LineRunner. Subsequently the name was changed to the current one and the road runner cartoon character was adopted as the mascot for the brand.

Services offered

The road runner internet can offer different data packages that will vary based on your location. The maximum speeds that are offered are:
1. Lite: 768 kbit/s / 128 kbit
2. Basic: 1.5 Mbit/s / 256
3. Road Runner Standard Internet: 7 Mbit/s
4. Road Runner Turbo Internet: 10 Mbit/s
5. Turbo Plus: 20 Mbit/s
6. Road Runner Extreme: 30 Mbit/s / 5 Mbit/s
7. Wideband Internet: 50 Mbit/s /5 Mbit/s

Road Runner Internet Features

The road runner internet offers faster speeds that can not be obtained with dial up. It eliminates the need to use the phone line therefore they will be no busy signals, slow browsing or long waiting. The highest bandwidth is 50MB download and 5MB upload which can allow you to seamlessly multitask on the internet with no affecting of the browsing speed. There are additional features that are offered for subscribers who are signed up for road runner internet. They are also offered multiple email accounts and a constantly updated security package that protects them while surfing.

Road runner internet service comes with dedicated online help that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a simple click of the help button, you will be directed to the help portal that offers a chat service with representatives, email or phone support. Any way you select to communicate, there will always be a representative there to assist you.

Road Runner Internet Service

An internet service provider should always be reliable and available whenever you need it. The offering of adequate speed is always a concern but reliability is more important. Some individuals use the internet for business and they have to be ensured of a reliable connection. It is reasonable to assume that an internet service may have it share of problems but the response from the provider must be swift and appropriate. Therefore if there is an issue with the internet, there should be a guaranteed standard on when the service will be returned.

Road Runner Internet Speed

In today’s fast paced world everyone requires fast internet so you can get a lot of work done in a faster time. Road runner internet speeds are enough to keep up with the standard of today and their clients will be happy with it. They offer many different packages with varying speeds and prices. Everyone would have different needs in terms of speed and what they can afford. The many packages they have will allow you to simply choose the one that fits into your lifestyle and affordability.

Road Runner Internet Summary

Road runner internet offers great deals and great service to its clients. Clients are assured that if they have any issues they can be addressed 24 hours a day by trained customer representatives.

When selecting any ISP make sure that they have three things, good customer service, high speed and affordable price.