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Roberto Cavalli inspiration

Where I come from…

Dear friends, I write this from my small room in my small apartment, here in my small town and small country. Living here is not easy. The unemployment is skyrocketing and most of the people are barely managing to get by from month to month. However, this country has a big soul and despite all the life difficulties, we always manage to find some cause for laughter and fun. People here have a big heart and know how to love and how to laugh.

Fashion sense, finances and inspiration

As most women here, I cannot always afford the fashion style and fashion items that I would love to see in my wardrobe. Still, women here love to be well dressed and put a lot of time and effort into looking great, finding inspiration and devising ingenious solutions.

Unfortunately, with such limited means, it is very difficult to achieve your dream. Yes, I dream a lot and this helps me to, at least temporarily forget my problems in life. For years, my greatest help and inspiration is a fashion designer I trust completely, whose creations again and again restore smile to my face. Sometimes, watching his creations is enough to feel as if all my dreams are achievable and near because, somehow, he always manages to wake up magic in whatever he creates.

In the collections of my favorite fashion designer I discover myself and my favorite style to the smallest details. He seems to always design everything I love, everything I dream about and everything I look forward to. The moments when I can afford some expensive piece of wardrobe are rare. I’m divorced and I have a teenage daughter and sometimes, I can’t even explain how I manage to make ends meet. Yet, his designs always manage to awake my smile and hope that better days are coming.

Inspire yourself

Each and every collection this fashion designer creates, provides an inspiration for beautiful, easy and relaxed life. Then, I buy some interesting fabric, bring it home and sew something similar to his designs. This is enough to make me endlessly happy because the style he brings to life in his collections is something incomparable to anything else.

This fashion creator finds his inspiration in nature, finds it in everything that surrounds us, everything that nature and its beauties have to offer. Only a sharp eye and open hart like his can manage to transfer this beauty to every item he creates and implant that feeling into us, who admire those creations.

I am endlessly happy that somebody like him exist in this world because his work inspires me to be happy for the smallest things, while facing all the troubles that life brings.

Everybody needs some magic

In those creations I can see all the beauties offered by the nature, that inspire him to turn it into magic that we all need, to be able to lose ourselves in our magic world and live our own fairytale. Yes, Roberto Cavalli is all this and more…

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