RoboForm Tutorial: A Complete Guide for One-Click Login and Navigation

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With the rise in the number of virtual threats, managing Internet security and password safety is becoming a great challenge for average users. But don’t worry as RoboForm, a smart passcode management program is there to keep your password safe. Read below to know how you can use its one-click login and navigation features to browse the web securely.

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RoboForm is one of the top-rated password management tools that can help to keep you and your login details safe from the prying eyes of hackers and scammers. It is one of the best passcode managers that can secure your login credentials and store them in an encrypted form to avoid any security breaches. Its unique form filler support helps you to fill out those long forms instantly, during online shopping or banking. It is an amazing program that eradicates the need of remembering or typing your unique yet complicated passcodes. You can easily download the program from its official website, install it, and reach out the RoboForm login page to save your login details and other important data.

Read the article to know some advanced tips that can help you to use its One-Click Login and Navigation features with ease:

1. RoboForm Login

Selecting a saved password entry can help you while navigating to the login page, filling in the details, and finally submitting it to the website. You can adopt any of these following methods to enter your login credentials to a website without typing even a single word:

• You can click the ‘Logins’ button on the application toolbar and select a ‘Passcard’ to continue to the entire login process.

• You can also click the program’s taskbar icon, select ‘Logins,’ and then select a ‘Passcard’ to enter your login details automatically.

• Select a Passcard in the application’s Editor and click the ‘Login button’ for commanding the form filler to enter the login information.

• Use RoboForm’s Search box by typing the login name and potentially wait until the list of Bookmarks with the matching names appears. Click a saved ‘Login’ entry in the list to complete the entire login procedure.

2. Some More Useful Commands

1. Click the ‘Logins’ button on the application toolbar
2. Right-click on the saved passcode of your choice
3. A list of commands applying to the selected password entry will appear.

Read the following commands carefully and click on the exact option you wish to apply:

• Select the ‘Login in Same Window’ command to get logged in the same browser window.
• Select the ‘Go & Fill’ command and fill actions in the login sequence.
• Select the ‘Go To’ command for commencing the navigation action for Passcard.
• Select the ‘Fill Forms’ command to take the privilege of the form filler support from the selected entry.
• Clicking the ‘Show’ command option will display the selected Passcard in a small window.
• Clicking the ‘Edit’ command will open the passcode in the Editor, making it available for editing.
• Clicking the ‘E-Mail’ command can send a Passcard as an e-mail attachment.
• Clicking the ‘Add To’ command can add a Passcard shortcut pointing to Desktop, IE Favorites Bar, Bookmarks toolbar, QuickLanch, and many other locations.

3. Recently Used/ Most Popular Password Entries

If you wish to access the passcodes entries used recently for login purposes, then you will need to click the ‘Recently Used’ option in the ‘Logins’ menu. It will display the list of passcodes that are being used earlier, displaying the most recently used Passcard first under the heading. You can click the ‘Clear List’ command to clear up all the entries of the list.

If you wish to access the passcodes that are highly popular for login purposes, then click the ‘Most Popular’ option in the ‘Logins’ menu. It will display the list of passcodes that are highly popular, displaying the most popular one first under the heading. You can click the ‘Clear List’ command to clear up all the entries of the list.

4. Multi-Column and Multi-Page Menu

If you’re using this password application since quite long, then you might have a big list of saved passcode entries that is hard to manage. A long Passcard list that does not fit within one column will get split into many columns automatically. Similarly, if the password entries are unable to fit on one screen, you may get a multi-page menu, showing ‘Next Page’ and ‘Prev Page’ items for smooth navigation.

5. Login Browser Options

This option allows you to maintain the optimal security of your login credentials and helps in keeping your password safe. You can navigate to the ‘RoboForm -> Options -> Login Browser’ to set policies that will command the application about how to do login and in which browser.

• Select the ‘Login from Toolbar’ option for login sequence in the Same/New Window
‘Same Browser Window’ performs login event in the browser window where Passcard got selected. ‘New Window’ will open and perform login sequence in a new browser window.

• Select the ‘New Browser Window’ option to launch another browsing window
When the user selects the above option, it will tell the application about using a particular browser for login purposes.

o ‘Default Browser’ will open the default browser.
o ‘Internet Explorer’ will launch the Internet Explorer, if it is not a default browser.
o ‘Firefox’ will launch Firefox.
o ‘Other’ will launch a new instance of the browser that gets identified by its EXE file.

6. New Account Feature

The ‘New Account’ is a feature that helps a user to manage two routine tasks that keep their password safe and protected from online threats. The application supports this feature in two ways, study each of them with their basic description:

A. Bringing password from account creation page to the login page

Whenever the application detects a new password creation form, it will ask the user to save the new password and all other fields into a passcard. It is important to remember that you won’t be able to use this saved passcode entry for login purposes because of lack of the login page URL and respective fields. But it can help in filling in a new password and possibly UserID, helping you to remember what info you entered while creating the new account.

B. Updating password in Passcard

Whenever the password manager detects a new password creation form with three fields matching to a saved entry, it will ask you to replace the old password. Clicking the ‘Yes’ button will replace the old passcode entry and the newly saved password will have a note saying that the password got changed specifying the time in the below format.
dd/mm/yyyy at 00:00.


Undoubtedly, the passcode management application is quite easy to use and navigate, but applying the tips mentioned above can help you in using the application more efficiently. You can use the application to create a strong Internet security shield across your login details, passcodes, and other login information, which may create havoc if got compromised. It is important to remember that you will need to remember your master password. Otherwise, you may lose access to all your saved entries and login credentials.

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