Rock Music of the 90’s

If you’re looking for rock music from the nineties, you don’t have much further to look! The nineties was a big part of the current rock movement, especially since a lot of punk and grunge bands were just surfacing or finding their roots. So what are a few of the most popular bands from the nineties and what was their music like?

Red Hot Chile Peppers

The Red Hot Chile Peppers have their own distinctive sound. It’s a little bit of a mix of funk and rock and witty, sometimes whimsical lyrics. The style has changed very little over the years, save for finding better equipment…but that’s why so many people still love this band. You don’t have to listen twice to figure out who they are like some bands nowadays—if you hear Red Hot Chile Peppers, you know automatically that you’re listening to them! This is why they’re a popular choice on paginas para bajar musica gratis (online websites to download music in Spanish). If you’re looking to download free music mp3 s, then you should definitely give Red Hot Chile Peppers a look-see first!


This was one of the most popular grunge bands that you can possibly think of. Not only did they have a huge fan base, but they also retained their popularity even after the death of their lead singer, Kurt Cobain. Their music always had a little bit of a dark tinge to it and the singing was always rather low. The music, however, never overpowered the lyrics, and so it came together quite nicely. This band is, as said before, STILL popular! That’s one of the most important things to keep in mind while you’re picking out songs—chances are a friend can give you a hand.


This band has slowly declined in years and was one of the first bands to bring up the controversy between pirated music and sued Napster. However, there are still plenty of great songs by this band that you should check out. There are a few oldies and then there are some that are a little newer. Critics were a way more fond of their older music compared to the newer songs, but they have their perks as well! Keep this in mind while you’re checking out for metal bands—a lot of times, they have great older pieces of music as well as some okay newer ones. And, at other times, the music grows on you.

Jane’s Addiction

One of the catchiest songs that you can find when you download free music is “Been Caught Stealing”. It’s a very humorous song and sure to put you in a great mood. It’s hard to explain this band, however. Similar to Red Hot Chile Peppers, it has it’s own sense of …band-dom, and it’s difficult to find bands that you can download musica gratis MP3 (download free mp3 in Spanish) of and still enjoy. Needless to say, this band has a few catchy songs that you should check out before deciding what you think of them. What are your favorite 90’s bands?