Rodan + Fields Dermatologists' New Breakthrough Products for Aging Lips & Hands

The Rodan + Fields National Convention has come and gone for 2011, leaving us with new skin care products and new tools to better define and treat skin problems. This year the special needs of aging hands and lips were addressed.

Product Details

Who is Rodan + Fields

If you think you haven’t heard of Rodan + Fields — yes, you have. Not only are they the creators and makers of Proavtic Solution for acne, but they are also the makers of the blue micro-needle roller called the AMP MD Delivery System which has been appearing on the TODAY show, and in beauty magazines like Allure, Marie Claire and InStyle throughout 2011.

Anti-Age AMP MD Micro-Needle Roller

The Anti-Age AMP MD Micro-Needle Roller was last year’s new revelation at the Rodan + Fields National Convention, and it has redefined anti-aging technology. This year the new Rodan + Fields skin care products are a regimen to restore the beauty of your hands and a serum to restore the fullness, definition and color of your lips without costly and painful injections.

Anti-Age Lip Renewing Serum

One of the most exciting products unveiled at the 2011 Rodan + Fields National Convention is the new Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Lip Renewing Serum. This serum changes the texture and color of lips in just two weeks and provides instant moisture. The results are fuller, more defined, smoother and rosier lips without expensive and painful filler injections. The results are very natural and hard to believe. Check out the Lips Before & After photos to see for yourself.

Anti-Age Hand Treatment Regimen

The new Anti-Age Hand Treatment Regimen announced at the Rodan + Fields National Convention is a two-part treatment that helps you turn back the hands of time as you restore your hands and protect them from future sun and environmental damage. The Hand Treatment is based upon the milti-med therapy first made famous in Proactiv, combining the right ingredients in the right order to achieve maximum results. The Hand Treatment Regimen hydrates and protects the skin and provides a brighter, firmer and more youthful appearance to the hands.

Rodan + Fields Solution Tool, iPad

Rodan + Fields also upgraded their skin care Solution Tool during convention to help visitors determine the best treatment for their specific skin problems. Also, new consultants can earn an iPad. If you have questions, want more information, or just want to talk skin care, please leave me a comment below, or visit my page at:


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