Rogue movers in Manhattan, how to avoid them?

Moving cannot be stress-free under any circumstances. However, you can try to make it easier and reduce the amount of stress accumulating from the moment you have decided to move until the day of settlement in the new house. In order to avoid unnecessary stress, make sure to choose licensed movers that would provide excellent professional assistance. So, do your homework and research moving companies in the area. If you reside in NYC, you may feel blessed because of very developed moving market. On the other hand, that could be a double-edged sword, since you may run into a lot of rogue movers especially in Manhattan where the real estate business is very developed and popular.

After deciding to move starts your quest for the perfect moving company. First of all ask your friends for some recommendations if they have had some positive experiences recently. Then do your research about moving companies and their offers and conditions on the internet. Read carefully the reviews, other people’s experiences, who tend to share especially the bad ones. While checking moving companies’ websites, pay attention if there are physical address and valid contact number.

The look of their web page also might reveal a lot. So, be attentive to details. Prefer face-to-face contact to online contact. Meet them in person. If necessary interview them, feel free to ask them anything that concerns you. Before getting an estimate in writing, let them visit your house and make an inventory of all goods. That’s the most convenient way to make a precise estimate. There should be clearly stated which services are included in the final price. Make sure that your items are protected properly and insured as well. Moving companies usually cover one part of the items. Bare in mind that probably you will have to buy an additional insurance. Read carefully your bill of lading where is clearly determined the mover’s liability in case of damaged or lost goods. Don’t leave any deposit! Serious moving companies usually charge after the move is done and won’t request any amount of money in advance. A licensed moving company should provide you with necessary license information. If you dig deep enough, you will consult the FMCSA website and check if the company is the one you can rely one. Your goal is to find reputable movers that would be reliable enough to trust them with all your goods which you have treasured all your life.

Here are some basic guidelines how to recognize rogue movers in and around Manhattan:
– After you have got several cost estimates from different moving companies, there is one or more perfect estimates providing really low price of the services. Don’t let this low price mislead you, because this might be sign that something’s wrong. That incredibly low price usually becomes extremely high when the move is almost done. In case you refuse to pay additional non-existent costs, movers might keep your goods until you do so. The worst -case scenario is that they load all the belongings on the truck and disappear forever.