Roman fountains: national heritage and real work of art!

Fountains are to be found in any city in the world, and it is not surprising. They are to decorate squares, villas, buildings and are essential architectural elements.

But it is only in Rome, where the fountains are true architectural heroes. At first sight it may seem strange that Italy, surronded by the sea had difficulties in providing people with good water. Here the fountain is neither luxury nor decoration. The fountain is the life itself. Since ancient times people have built them as water carriers. And even today there is no villa in Italy without a fountain or a swimming pool.

You can find all types of fountains in Rome: from the simle half-forgotten cast-iron pots dropping their precious water in the corners of the lovely suburban areas till the world-popular Trevi fountain, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci. They are to display the inextricable link between the eternal city and water, just the same as we say about London and fog.

You may stroll along the endless streets of the city, study, work and then suddenly pop into these genuine works of art. Among the many Roman fountains there is one, really specific and even grotesque in the street of Lata. Some say the authorship belongs to Michelangelo.

If you should find yourself in Rome, don’t miss the opportunity to see the street of 4 fountains. These Late Renaissance fountains located at the intersection of Via delle Quattro Fontane and Via del Quirinale are really worth seeing and you will at once get why.

But no matter where in Rome you are going to stay, the must visit is square S. Salvatore in Lauro. That is a truly picturesque sight! Here, embedded into the wall 30 inches from the ground is a small marble lion, whose mouth is a source of a very little fountain. You can ask, so what is special? The thing is this may be the only fountain in the world for dogs. That is really so cute, that Rome provided some precious space for lovely creatures, scurrying about down and up the tiny streets. From this point of view the fountain is a real piece of art.

How many fountains are there in Rome? Nonone knows the exact number but it is true that no other city in the world can boast the same amount of these favourite sights. The famous poet Shelley once said: ‘Roman fountains are worth a separate visit to the city’. And he was more than right. They are a real national heritage and cultural masterpiece.