Roomba 400 Series Battery Replacements

Are you looking for Roomba 400 series battery replacements? The Roomba is an awesome robotic vacuum that automatically cleans your floors. There are several different models in several price ranges. They even return themselves to their charging station when they’re running out of batter power. The problem is, that like any rechargeable battery, eventually they wear out and you need to replace them.

Luckily, replacement batteries for the Roomba are relatively easy to find and are not all that expensive. Since we’re concerned with the 400 series Roomba, or the original, our only options are third party providers of batteries because the 400 is no longer officially available from iRobot, who are the makers of Roomba.

Roomba products are designed well in that the majority of the FloorVac models use the same battery pack. There are several third party manufacturers that make replacement batteries for the Roomba, and I’ve listed a few below at the bottom of the article.

Be sure to confirm that whatever battery pack you pick is meant to fit the 400 series. And then actually physically changing the battery is pretty straightforward.

Steps to change Roomba battery:

  1. Turn power switch to Off position.
  2. Empty dust bin and turn Roomba upside down so the brushes are showing. Be sure it’s on a flat surface.
  3. Locate the battery and put your index fingers under the guide tabs on the battery pack. Pull upward to release.
  4. Insert the new battery pack into the battery compartment. The battery will click into place when it’s inserted properly.

Be aware that it’s still probably best to look for an original Roomba battery replacement as they typically last the longest, but you should be able to locate a good generic battery as well if you can’t find an OEM battery.

With the great time and energy savings that a Roomba vacuum offers don’t let a dead battery prevent you from using the Roomba to keep your home nice and clean. The official batteries can be purchased for about $50, the generic ones for about half that, so pick one up and keep your Roomba running great. Roomba 400 series battery replacements are much cheaper than purchasing a whole new vacuum!