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Roomba 620 vs 650, Which is Better?

This article will compare two popular iRobot Roomba ‘robotic vacuums’ the Roomba 620 vs 650, through providing an objective overview of both models (allowing you to see exactly what each has to offer you) and then going on to highlight the differences between the 620 and 650 (which is a useful section, so that you can easily determine which will best serve your cleaning needs & preferences) as well as taking into consideration their respective price tags.

The Roomba 620 vs 650 – Which is the Best Robot Vacuum for You?


How to Compare the Roomba 620 vs 650

Roomba 620 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The 620 is installed with the unique & advanced cleaner head as well as the three stage cleaning mechanism, both combined allows it be ultra-effective in vacuuming dirt, dust & pet hair from all floor types (incl. carpets, tiles, wood etc.).

Moreover, it is installed with two rather clever cleaning software programs: i) the Dirt Detect Series — that uses acoustic levels to identify particularly dirty patches, so that the 620 will perform a repeated pass ()like you would do with a normal vacuum cleaner) and the ii) iAdapt Responsive technology which acts like a GPS system for the 620 – to map out the cleaning area & will clean every aspect (even the hard to reach areas e.g. under furniture) whilst avoiding drop-offs and obstacles.

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

The 620 will offer a run time of around 120 minutes, but if it hasn’t finished the job in hand & is about to run out of power — it will take itself off to its docking station to be charged enough, so that it has enough power to return to the job in hand and finish it off. Pretty clever. Also, the 620 is installed with AeroVac filters that act to prevent allergens & dust from being expelled into the air whilst vacuuming — leaving behind a clean & healthy air supply.

Features, Specifications & Accessories

The 620 like all the Roombas takes on a modern circular shape (dimensions: 13.4 by 3.6 by 13.4 inches), is colored white and weighs in at approximately just under 12 lbs. With regards to what accessories comes with the 620 — you get the docking station, a cleaning brush tool as well as a detailed & easy-to-follow instruction manual guide.

Rating: 88% from over 20 reviews (sourced: amazon.com)

Roomba 650 Overview

Cleaning Technology & Navigation System

The 650 and 620 are pretty much the same in this regard with the 650 also being fitted with the 3 stage cleaning system (which is basically three independent cleaning functions occurring at once i. the counter-rotating brush bar, ii. side brush bar and iii. AeroVac) as well as the advanced cleaner head. Again like the 620, it is installed with two cleaning technologies — the iAdapt Responsive technology (that allows it to set an optimal & efficient cleaning path for each designated room) and Dirt Detect Series I (to remove particularly dirty patches).

Battery Performance & Integrated Filters

As they are fitted with the same battery, the 650 operates for a 120 minutes too & will automatically return to its docking station to be charged up again. The 650 also features the AeroVac filters to capture allergens & dust whilst vacuuming (and the 650 does come with an extra AeroVac filter in its package, which the 620 doesn’t).

Features, Specifications & Accessories

The 650 features two additional and rather useful aspects that the 620 doesn’t, those being: the on-board scheduling 7 days a week program (so you can basically set the 650 to actually clean when you are at work or out of the house, hence you never actually have to see or hear it vacuum) and virtual wall mechanism (allowing you to keep the Roomba cleaning in a specific area, without the need for physical barriers). It again, takes on a similar circular design (with the same dimensions & weight) but is instead black.

Rating: 92% from over 300 reviews (sourced: amazon.com)

The Difference Between the 620 and 650

In terms of cleaning performance, in the roomba 620 vs 650 battle, they are pretty much identical. The difference lies in the additional features that come with the 650 namely the scheduling program & virtual wall assistance mechanism (as well as the minor color variation — the 650 coming in black & 630 in white) and also bear in mind the 650 also comes with the extra AeroVac filter.

Which Robot Vacuum Should You Buy a 620 or 650?

The 650 is obviously the better robot vacuum (from the points made above) and this is reflected in it being a bit more expensive (as expected really), but only by around $70 to $80. So you are essentially paying the difference in price (with the 620 and 650) for these additional features — which is actually worth it, particularly if you work away from home. Coming back from work/holiday to clean floors without ever actually seeing or hearing the job get done (with the time-saving factor of you not having to do it) is pretty awesome. Moreover, you will find yourself using the Virtual wall rather regularly — especially if your house is largely open plan. Let me know which Roomba you get below & why.

See other models and compare the roomba 595 vs 650. Also, if you have any questions or concerns over the comparison of the Roomba 620 Vs 650 then please make them below.

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