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Best Roomba for Pet Hair

Searching for the Best Roomba for Pet Hair?

Are you thinking about investing in a roomba for pet hair problem in your house? Well great choice! However, which one? There are so many Roomba models out there all claiming to be specialized in cleaning ‘for pets’, choosing one is obviously quite daunting and confusing – given each one has its own unique cleaning specs and features. Well, if this is the case for you, this showcase 2014 will definitely help you out – where we have narrowed the search down to the 3 very best roomba vacuums for pet hair produced yet. This review focuses on the best rooma’s for pet hair, however you can also review Roomba 595 vs 650 or the Roomba 620 vs 650 – our most popular searches.

#1 iRobot Roomba 880 – Robotic Cleaning Powerhouse

All hail the Roomba 880. This 800 series Roomba is ‘officially’ the best Roomba for pet hair produced in 2014, the Rolls Royce of robot vacuums. This is because it quite simply hosts all the very latest state-of-the-art cleaning technology (which no other Roomba, as of yet, has been released with), allowing it to at least ‘pick up 50% more pet hair, dust and dirt’ than any of the other already highly effective Roomba vacuums released.

Why the Roomba 880 is Awesome at Cleaning Pet Hair

iRobot have improved all aspects of the Roomba series with the 880. It utilizes a revolutionary new cleaning mechanism, the AeroForce System — that combines three separate cleaning elements into one perfectly intertwined functioning cleaning powerhouse.

i) Tangle free extractors: which is two ultra effective counter rotating rubber extractors that grabs hairs & dirt from hard and soft flooring.

ii) An airflow accelerator: forcing the vacuum to the floor, to create a vacuum sealed channel to optimize air suction flow to draw even more pet hair from the floor.

iii) High-Efficiency Vacuum: offers five times the power suction of previous Roomba vacuums.

The cleaning head also automatically self adjusts to provide a more optimal clean depending on the floor type it is cleaning — and is fitted with edge cleaning brushes to get up close and personal, right along the skirting of your room.

Not only this, it has been fitted with cleaning intellect with iAdapt responsive technology that constantly navigates an optimal cleaning path to ensure every part of the room gets cleaned (with multiple passes) but avoids any obstacles that can prevent it from doing so. Even if it does get caught up in wire, it has a ‘Houdini’ escape and release program that steps in, to automatically free itself. It also has the very latest Dirt Detect Series II system that uses both optical and acoustic sensors to identify particularly dirty or hairy patches on your flooring, then will engage the persistent pass program, for intense cleaning (with multiple passes, like you would with a normal vacuum cleaner).

Additional Cool & Useful Features

The Roomba 880 has a new updated & re-configured battery integrated that allows a run time of over 2 hours from a single charge, but if it is half way through a ‘cleaning job’ and is about to run out of power, it will automatically take itself away to its docking station, to be charged enough, to return and complete the task it was originally getting on with. Pretty darn awesome.

You can also set it on a cleaning schedule 7 times a week, so you can get it to effectively clean whilst you aren’t there (e.g. at work or on vacation abroad) — allowing you to rock back up to a nice clean house. This of course (along with other settings) all be conducted via the remote control provided, saving you the hassle of getting up from your sofa.

Also, rather than second guessing it all the time — it has a visual & audible bin indicator letting you know when it needs emptying (note: its bin capacity has been extended significantly in comparison to other Roomba vacuums). Furthermore, the Roomba 880 comes with a set of virtual lighthouses, allowing it to commit to room-to-room cleaning.

The Roomba 880 really is easily the best and most capable Roomba for pet hair, ever produced. Bloomin’ awesome.

#2 Roomba 780 for Pets

The next best alternative Roomba for Pet hair is the 780 being a premium model in the Roomba 700 series. It uses the 3 stage cleaning system with Aerovac series 2 to effectively pick up debris, very much in the style of super powered brush and dustpan motion. Moreover, like the Roomba 880, it has an advanced cleaner head specifically engineered for ‘superior’ performance in capturing pet hair from hard floors & carpets.

Rating: 88% (sourced amazon.com)

It is also highly recommended for those who have breathing difficulties and are allergy sufferers as its integrated with the dual HEPA clean filter to prevent more than 99.97% of allergens and dust being expelled into the air. Hence, keeps your household air supply pure and clean. Also, tech geeks will love the touch-pad control system it has on board alongside its IR remote control & set of virtual wall lighthouses. A highly advanced Roomba, great for cleaning after pets and removing pet hair. And obviously much, much more.

Best Price: Under $600

#3 Roomba 650 for Pet Hair

Although, by no means the best Roobma for pets, I wanted to include the extremely popular 650 for the purpose of ‘excellent value for money‘. The Roomba 650 is a lot cheaper than #2 and almost half the price of #1 — but still is a great robot vacuum that will do an ‘amazing’ job of cleaning up Dog hair & cat hair in and around your home. It just doesn’t offer all the little extra bells and whistles the 780 does, but the core cleaning performance is actually very similar.

Best Price: Under $400

As said, the 650 uses the same powerful 3 stage cleaning process with AeroVac series I. And, it isn’t completely rid of clever features. The 650 has dirt detect to find & deal with dirty areas and comes with the scheduling program. You also get a virtual wall – to keep it cleaning in a given area without physical barriers

Rating: 92% (sourced amazon.com)

Which iRobot Roomba for Pet Hair Will You Get?

Clearly the best Roomba for pets and pet hair is the Roomba 880, however if you aren’t prepared to pay the pretty hefty price tag that comes with it, the Roomba 780 is still a very, very decent robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair as well as the Roomba 650 offering great value for money. But, which Roomba will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase of the best Roomba for pets and pet hair then please them below (either about the account in general or regarding a specific robot). Also, if you have found this article useful or helpful at all, please give it a like (heart) or share.

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