Best Roomba for Hardwood Floors 2015

What wasthe Best Roomba for Wood Floorsin 2015?

Are you looking to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner by iRobot but are unsure as to which is the Best Roomba for hardwood floors? There are a lot of models on offer, so choosing one is quite daunting & often confusing, particularly when trying to decipher which one is good at what etc. Well this showcase guide has done the hard work for you and picked the three best Roombas for hard wood flooring, all with an awesome pick up rate of debris, dirt and pet hair.

#1 iRobot Roomba 880 – ‘The Super Roomba’

This is the brand new 800 series ‘top dawg robot vacuum’ that literally blows previous generation of Roomba vacuums out the water — given all the new iRobot engineering triumphs that have been crammed into it (more details below) — which definitely makes it THE best Roomba for hardwood floors out of the lot. If you are after the Best robot vacuum for cleaning your wood flooring, look no further.

  • A 50% more powerful clean, leaving an even better finish.
  • Runs for even longer with ‘time management’ & automatic charging station
  • Requires a LOT less maintenance & input from you.

Why the Roomba 880 is so Great at Cleaning Hard Flooring

iRobot have completely revamped the cleaning system and can now ‘pick up 50% more pet hair, dust and dirt‘ than the next best Roomba vacuum cleaner (which is #2 on our list). This is because of the AeroForce technology integrated which is a term used to describe the three high powered independent cleaning components (tangle free extractors, air flow accelerator and super efficiency vacuum) utilized into unison to make it a little cleaning powerhouse. Moreover, it also has as an advanced cleaning head that purposefully adapts to hard flooring to gain a more optimal suction performance, resulting in even greater pick up of dog hair & dust etc.

As you may have seen with the video demonstration above it is also implemented with some very clever cleaning software programs. For instance, the iAdapt responsive technology allows the 880 to cleverly navigate itself around your room, working out the more optimal cleaning path whilst avoiding obstacle (if it does get caught up, it can use it Houdini like escape & release program). Moreover, it comes with dirt detect series ii, which uses optical and acoustic sensors to locate particularly dirty patches across your flooring and then engage with persistent pass (back and forth motions) until it is sufficiently clean, much like you would with a normal vacuum.

Other Cool Added Features

You also get a whole host of clever little added features as well such as the 7 days a week scheduling program, automatic charge time, virtual lighthouses, audible & visual bin indicators, remote controls, touch pad and much more along with an arsenal of cleaning accessories & attachments. In all, the Roomba 880 is definitely the Best Roomba for hard wood floors — by far — but it ain’t all that cheap either.

#2 Roomba 780

A slightly cheaper alternative Roomba to consider, but still… an excellent cleaning Roomba for hardwood floors, is the 780. It works on a 3 stage cleaning process, which replicates essentially a super powered dust plan and brush. Like the Roomba 880 it utilizes an array of ‘intelligent cleaning programs’ (iAdapt responsive technology & Dirt Detect Series II) so that it can act as an extremely effective hard wood cleaner. Easily the top rated Roomba after the 880 model.

Rating: 90% (sourced

Moreover, it comes with a whole host of cool ‘ad ons’ which why it makes #2 on our list. You get the virtual light house system to enable room-to-room cleaning, the 7 days a week scheduling system (so you can go to work, it gets to work and you can come back to nice clean floors) as well as easy to use touch pad control panel (which gadget geeks, like myself will love).

#3 Roomba 650

Now although the Roomba 780 is ‘cheaper’ than the 880, it is still expensive. So with the Roomba 650, here, I have gone with a model that is the next best Rooma hardwood floor cleaner — instead the model that represents the best ‘value for money, yet is still very, very good at cleaning wood based flooring yet comes at a decent affordable price.

Rating: 92% (sourced

The cleaning system is the same three stage process as the 780, but doesn’t have the advanced cleaning head, sophisticated brush arrangement and a less powerful suction performance — despite this it does actually pick up really well on hard flooring. Nor is it completely void of ‘added’ features either with: virtual wall implements as well as the classic scheduling program.

For full details on the Roomba 650.

Which iRobot Roomba for Hard Wood Cleaning to Get?

Obviously, the Roomba 880 is the best of the best, but it does come with a steep price tag. The next best thing at more than $100 cheaper and what was previously (up until the 880) considered the top rated Roomba is the 780 — still a very decent cleaning machine to invest in. For those who are after an effective robot vacuum that will do a good job of cleaning their wood floors but are on a bit more of a restricted budget, you will take delight in buying a Roomba 650 (an awesome value for money machine).

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase of the best Roomba for hardwood floors or about any of the models specifically then please them below. Moreover, if you have found this article useful at all please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share.

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