Rotisserie Grills – Your Partner for Great Grilling

Rotisserie grilling is considered one of the best ways to grill food. It gives that whole smoky and juicy flavor to our favorite grilled foods like chicken, beef, pork and other types of meat that are best enjoyed when cooked in rotisserie grills. These grills make use of a spit which uses one or more metal bars in place of the usual grilling pans. These spits are used as skewers for the food. They turn while slowly cooking the meat. The turning motion of the spit makes sure that all sides of the meat are cooked. Each type of meat requires different lengths of time and temperature to be cooked. Veal meat takes the least time to get done while a whole chicken uses the longest time to be cooked.

When buying rotisserie grills, make sure that the equipment comes with the basic tools for rotisserie grilling. These are the rotisserie kit, pliers, oven mitts, drip pans and meat thermometer. These grills usually come with manuals to guide you in using the grills.

When using rotisserie grills to grill your favorite foods, keep in mind that coals are not placed directly under the spit. This defies the very essence of rotisserie cooking. Coals should be placed on the sides of the pit thereby giving off indirect heat but enough smoke to slowly cook the food. This is also why drip pans play an important role in cooking foods with rotisserie grills. Drip pans are placed beneath the spit. The main role of drip pans is to catch any dripping from the meat or food being cooked. The fire may be put off if the liquid drippings go directly to the heat source. Another significant role of drip pans is to block off the direct and high temperature heat from the coals. Because rotisserie cooking calls for slow cooking, direct heat used for the meat being cooked will not produce the desired results for our favorite rotisserie-grilled meats.?

Rotisserie grills use two types of fuel – charcoal and gas. Charcoals may be from coal briquettes or natural charcoal lumps of wood. The coals are placed in the pit. When using charcoal as fuel, make sure that the coals have achieved full level of burning before placing the meats in the rotisserie spit. Many prefer using charcoal as heat source because it gives off that smoky flavor to the food. Gas-powered rotisserie grills, on the other hand, usually employ propane as the fuel source. Small or big cylinder tanks of propane, whatever is preferred by the user, are placed underneath or beside the main frame of the grill. But even if the grill is gas-powered, it would still need coal, mostly briquettes, which are also placed on the pan to cook the food.

Rotisserie grills are not as complex as you have imagined it to be. It is easy to use and there is a wide array of rotisserie grill brands and styles to choose from at a reasonable price but still retains good quality. With your love for cooking and the right rotisserie techniques, you will be preparing flavorful rotisserie foods for your family’s and friends’ enjoyment.