Rowing Machine in House of Cards

What Kind of Rowing Machine is Used in House of Cards?

You often see Francis, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), relentlessly ‘plugging’ away (since episode or chapter two) at his ‘furniture’ like water rowing machine in the pretty epic House of Cards series, but ‘what is the actual rower is Frank Under using?’ you ask.

The darn right sexiest rower about: WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine (ash wood)

Review Rating: 92% ‘In all, an exceptional machine’.

Wooden Water Rowing Machine House of Cards

It is a beautifully hand crafted piece of exercise gym equipment, combining furniture styling with the capability of an intensive cardio workout (as demonstrated by Frank Underwood’s rowing above). The ‘waterrower’ is constructed from solid ashwood (available in a range of stain wood finishes, see here for the complete range) and then is later stained with honey oak & danish oil, this not only gives it a lovely finish (that will blend seamlessly into anyone’s decor) but helps to actively reduce the noise exhibited given it will absorb sound and vibrations caused.

You will have of course also noticed that it is pretty unique compared to most rowing machines that you typically see at the gym (used Concept2 Model D rowers usually) as it is based on a ‘water flywheel mechanism‘ — this acts to give you a realistic feel of actual rowing, rather than the misguided portrayal provided with air and magnetic resistance rowing machine. A rowing machine with water such as the model that is used in House of Cards, offer several advantages over the traditionally used rowing machines.

Water Rowing Machine Benefits

Firstly, the whole operation is much smoother and ‘more natural’, given that how fast you go, determines the resistance level that you wish to operate at (as with real life rowing). Hence, a model such as the WaterRower will give those who are preparing for a rowing race, a competitive advantage over those training with a normal rowing machine, which will give them a distorted feel.

Moreover, those who suffer with bad backs and joints are better supported, given there is no sudden jarring that can occur which happens with non water rowing machines & as you can see with the waterrower everything has been designed with precision and ergonomic comfort in mind. Hence, the extra padded and leather seating with extra large foot paddles and secure straps to hold you in place.

In terms of workout itself. You are using practically all your muscles (84% to be exact) throughout the rowing motion, helping to achieve toning & strengthening of muscles as well vigorously burning calories (certainly more so than exercise bikes etc.). As said just above, the whole work out is very low impact (especially with a water resistance fly wheel), where virtually no stress is placed on your joints (unlike treadmills).

Water Rower Attributes & Features

The waterrower also comes with a series 4 performance monitor that gives you real time metric feedback on your workout, letting you know your stroke rate, heart rate (it comes with a heart rate chest strap), calories burned, distance rowed as well as a range of rowing workout programs and much more.

Its practical for the house too, even if you are a bit tight on space, although it measures 84 by 21 by 22 inches (weighing just 117 lbs), it is able to stand completely upright & then with the wheels attached easily be transported away into storage once you are done with the rower. Moreover, it can accommodate a user of up to 1,000 lbs, so as you can guess is incredibly sturdy.

Overall, a really excellent piece of fitness gym equipment, combining practicality and elegance, a rare piece of sporting equipment that instead ‘uglies up your house’, instead ‘adds’ a certain something to anyone’s decor. It actually makes a 20 minute rowing sesh quite appealing, rather than dreading it. Also, if you like the look of rowing machines with water flywheels, you can check out some of the best you can buy here.

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