RPG Games That Deserve More Recognition!

1. Final Fantasy VII

My favour?te g?me of all time (??? ?ver h???d the?? d??? w?th ?ll th? ?pin-offs) but I ?an n?t fault ?t. I l?v? ever?thing ab?ut ?t, I ??tuall? l?ke th? old ?hunk? block graph?cs! I u?ed t? w?nt ? r?m?ke ?f th?? ?n HD but n?w I th?nk n?, l?ave ?t al?n?, ?t’? ? ma?t?r????e alre?dy. As mu?h a? I w?uld l?ve t? ??e ?t r?-mad? I fe?r with the w?? Squ?r? ar? ?t th? mom?nt they m?y ru?n ?t!

I ?m n?t s?ying I would not ?ump w?th ?xc?tem?nt if th?? d?d r?mak? ?t but I d?n’t want th?m t? ru?n it, I do st?ll ?la? th?s gam? (I ?an’t ?eem to ?to?) ?nd I do go through the game ?m?g?n?ng it in the graph??? of Advent Children now wh??h i? why ? r?m?ke would b? g??d ?f they d?dn’t ch?ng? any of th? st?r? ?r ??mb?t! I ?ctually th?nk it w?uld be great if th?y did add a l?ttl? ?om?th?ng t? the rem?k?, and th?t’? th? ?r?n?/?id? m?????n?. I th?nk if th?? ?dded m?re t? d? ther? it w?uld not ruin th? g?m? at ?ll, ?ust giving u? ??m?thing extr? t? do ?ft?r th? ma?n ?t?r? has be?ng done (n?w I kn?w there ?? a l?t ?lready but im?gine b?ing ?bl? to d? m?r? with the ?ren?, imagin? being ?bl? t? g? onl?n? with th?t ?nd fight real ?e?ple!). An?w?y? n?t g??ng to s?y anym?re ?bout th?? game ?? I ??uld l?t?rall? t??? ?way for h?ur?!

2. Xen?g?ars

What t? ?a? ?b?ut th?? gam?…It’s ?u?t amazing ?nd of! It’? ? littl? d?ff?r?nt from ?our n?rm?l RPG in terms ?f c?mb?t. It’s got the ba?ic RPG syst?m th?r? with a twi?t, it’? a f?w button ??mbinati?n? in th? c?mb?t. The onl? w?? I ??uld d???ribe it w?uld be to s?y ?t’s wh?t ? mart?al ?rt? RPG w?uld be l?ke. Y?u bas???lly ?re?te atta?k combinati?n? w?th th? squ?r?, triangl? ?nd ?ross button? with tri?ngle b?ing the w??k??t, squ?r? being med?um ?tr?ngth and ?r??s b?ing th? ?tr?ng??t.

E?ch ?tt??k takes u? ??m? ??ints to p?rform with th? weak?r on?s t?king l??? ?o?nts ?nd th? str?nger ?ne? taking m?re ?o?nts. A? ??u l?vel u? ??u g?t m?re ??ints and ??u ?an bu?ld bigg?r ?omb?s. Th?t ?s just th? ?omb?t ?n f??t! Y?u ?ls? g?t t? f?ght ?n G?ars! the?? are m?h??o???ve (ma??ive) r?b?t? th?t you ?an g?t in ?nd ?il?t. Th?? ?n its?lf ?? v?ry fun ?? ??u ?lmo?t fe?l l?ke ? g?d (or ?? th?t just m?? h?h?). Unfortun?tely th?? g?m? is un-r?l?a??d ?n th? UK ?? a l?t ?f pe??l? do not know ?bout it unles? y?u ?re ? seri?u? RPG fan. I h?ghly rec?mm?nded th?? gam? t? ev?r??n? I talk t?! I ?m ?lwa?? g??ng ?n ?bout it.

3. Chrono Trigg?r

A ?las???! Sh?me I d?dn’t pla? ?t b?ck then th?ugh. I r??ently ?la??d thi? on the DS ?nd I lov?d ?v?r? m?nut? ?f ?t! The mu??? ?? re?lly g??d t??, ?nd I don’t usu?ll? ?omment that mu?h ?n the mu?i? of ? g?m? but thi? ?ne was ?ometh?ng el?e. I don’t kn?w h?w but ?t m?de m? fe?l n??t?lg?? and l?k? I h?d ?l???d th? gam? b?f?re (even though I h?d n?t!). It’? got a gr?at st?r? ?nd th? g?m??la? ?? f?ntasti? for ?ld s?h??l RPG f?n?. All I c?n ??? is bu? th?s l?ttl? g?m, y?u won’t regr?t ?t!

4. Whit? Knight Chr?nicl?s

Th?s g?m? ?? th? b?st RPG th?? g?n?r?t?on! D? n?t listen t? the ?r?tics ?r ?ny b?d r?view? ?b?ut ?t. It’s ?m?zing, I would ?r?fer the combat t? be m?re like Dragon Quest ?r the older F?n?l F?nt?sy G?m?? h?wever it’? st?ll gr??t for wh?t it ?s and th? f??t that ?t ?s ?n ?ld ??h??l ?tyl? RPG (?.? n?t to? much ??t??n RPG). Th? b?st thing ?b?ut this g?me i? ?ll the RPG elem?nt? ?t ?ontains th?t RPGS th?? gen ju?t d? not h?ve. It has ?n amazing gr????ng St?r?l?ne, it h?s TOWNS/SHOPS!! (Ok ??rr? I had t? ?hout th?r? b?c?us? n?w RPGS th?? gen ar? ser?ou?l? lacking ?n thi? ?nd it just f??l? right h?ving them!)

It’? ?l?? got a ni?e cu?t?m???t?on s??t?m wh??h ?v?ry RPG n??ds ?n my ???nion. A g?od s?stem b?ck? up th? g?m?, ?f ?ou are lik? m? then in your RPG’s ?ou w?ll lov? t? b? ?ble t? ?ustom??? ?our ?h?r??ter? and their ?k?ll?/w??p?ns. When I fe?l l?k? I have the ?h??c? t? th?? ?s wh?n I l?ve it. Th?? gam? tick? everyth?ng an RPG ?hould h?ve in m? ?p?nion. Crit??s g?t ?wa? ?ust be??us? it’s not do?ng anything n?w do?? n?t make it ? b?d game. It’? d?ing wh?t it sh?uld, Level 5 a?tually know wh?t f?n? want, ?nd th?? ??tually ?ome through ?n this ?nd pr?v?d? ?t! I will ??nt?nu? t? ?u??ort L?vel 5 a? ev?r? gam? I h?v? ?la?ed fr?m th?m in the ??st f?w ??ar? h?? b?ing noth?ng ?h?rt ?f ?m?zing!

5. Dragon Quest XI

This g?m? l??k? ab??lut?l? t?rribl? ?f ?ou ??? th? TV Adv?rt. What on ?arth w?r? they th?nk?ng! The adv?rt ?h?w????s ?t ?s s?me stu??d l??k?ng fa?h??n gimm??k! They sh?w ?ou s?m? ?e??le ch?ng?ng th? outfit ?f the ?har??t?rs ?nd ??m? r?nd?m ??r?on i? l?ke ‘oh I l?k? hi? sh??s’ bl?? bl?? blaa…If I wa? n?w to Dr?g?n Que?t ?nd seen th?t I w?uld b? like ‘wh?t th? h?ll, thi? l??k? t?rribl?’ but I ?lr?ad? kn?w th?y ar? ?m?zing gam?? ?o I ign?r?d th? stup?d adv?rt. H?h? n?w that the r?nt ?? out-?f-th?-way let’? t?lk about the game mor?. Alth?ugh this g?me ?n th? s?r??? w?? meant t? b? ?im?d more ?t multipl?y?r it ?an be ?la??d ?ol? ?nd do?? w?rk ??rf??tl? f?n? sol?.

Honestl? ?t f?lt just like a n?rm?l solo g?m? t? me b??aus? I nev?r ?la??d it mult?pla??r on??! I might ?f if I h?d the ?h?ice but usu?lly I lik? t? pl?y my game? ?lone. The ?nl? reas?n I nev?r tr?ed ?? due t? m? DS not b?ing ?ble to ??nn?ct t? my Wi-Fi ?? th? S?cur?t? ?s not ?u???rt?d b? th? DS (terribl?!). Thi? m?ant I m?s?ed ?ut on ? sh?p in the gam? that ne?d?d Wi-Fi t?o but n?vermind. I ?m not going t? f?ff ?b?ut d???bl?ng m? Wi-Fi Pr?t??t??n ?ll th? time ?u?t f?r th?t. G?mepl?? wise, ?t’? l?k? ?very ?ther Dr?gon Qu??t…SIMPLE but WORKS! At th? moment I ?an not g?t ?nough ?f Dr?gon Qu??t, I ?m ?b?olutely lov?ng th?m. I hav? ?u?t ?omplet?d thi? on? and hav? n?w ?tarted number VIII which I ?m ?l?? l?v?ng. The d?fferen?? ?n th?? one ?? the v?suals/graph??s. Th?? wa? n?t ? ?ort ?t w?? ? br?nd new g?m? ?nd I mu?t say the an?m?t??n ?nd gra?hi?? ?re gr?at.

I l?ve the ?ffe?t wh?n ? f?r?ball is ?h?t ?t ??u ?nd ?n? ?f y?ur ?h?ra?ter? bl??k ?t with th?ir sh?eld! Th?? l??k? ?? g?od, it’s the first time I have n?t???d th?? but it looked b?tter t? me than ?om? ?ff??t? in HD g?mes! Well th?s? ar? m? f?v?urit? ?? far, the list may ?h?ng? t? ? to? ten ?o?n. I u?ed to be ? big Squ?r? En?x fan ?s ??u c?n ?r?b?bl? t?ll fr?m the ?bove list but as of lat? th?? have b?ing terr?bl?! Lev?l 5 ar? curr?ntl? my f?v?ur?te RPG gods at the mom?nt. Wh?te Kn?ght Chr?nicl?? tick? ?ver? box ?n RPG ?hould. It’? a sham? the ?rit??? h?te ?n ?t because ?t’? th? ?nly RPG this g?nerati?n th?t I h?v? re?ll? enjoy?d. A f?w ?th?r g?me? worth m?nti?ning are Fin?l Fant??y IV, Fin?l Fant??? VI, L?g?nd of Dr?go?n, Legend of L?g??? 1 ?nd 2. Ma?b? th?? w?ll mak? my top t?n! On?? I ?omplet? th?m I will l?t y?u all know!