RPG PC game in development. Be a part of it.

As the title shows I’m making a simple RPG game for PC. Why does this concern you? Well I wanted to make my own game, just for fun, and I’m now stuck. It’s an opportunity for you to have an input on a game and see you name on the credits. That’s all.
An in game screenshot.

What’s an RPG game?

Well that’s probably a good way to start. RPG stands for ‘Role Playing Game’. Basically you control a player in third person and in turn a party of up to four. The classic RPG’s involve orcs and elves etc.

What will it include?

It doesn’t include a lot of work. Just simply play the game. I’d want you to:

  1. Report any bugs
  2. Give me any storyline ideas you have, the more detailed the better
  3. Suggest characters

That’s it. Just email me any of those three at evanbaker125@gmail.com.

The game so far.

The game takes place in this world that we know now. The idea is that there are two worlds which both exist in the same place. Magic and Science. Those worlds were once the same but a solar flare caused those at one with magic to absorb more energy and become a higher frequency. Hence the game title, ‘Imbalanced Frequencies’. You play a girl or boy who can jump between the frequencies (known as distorting the frequencies). I’ve only got a small storyline but it will grow as more people suggest ideas. I want the game to be created by a community and I want people to be able to say ‘that was my idea’. It’s not exactly going to be a blockbuster… but it’ll be great to have that small bit of pride within you to know that you did that. You were a part of it.

The game download.

Here is a link to download the file. It will extract the game and inside will be a application file (the icon shows a dragon). Run that file and the game will begin. Obviously you start a new game which takes you to character creation. You can choose male or female and the name. That’s basically it. Send your bugs or suggestions to evanbaker125@gmail.com and enjoy the game!