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Run Windows in Your Mac System Using Boot Camp

Because of the switch from PowerPC to Intel, Mac became just another PC. Mac System has Mac OS X, but users can effortlessly install Windows on it with the aid of Apple’s built-in Boot Camp feature. So you can run Windows on Mac.

This article illustrates how you can install Windows on Mac with Boot Camp.

Mac Boot Camp lets you install Windows in a dual-boot configuration. If you have ever installed Linux alongside Windows, then you know what to expect from this feature. On the completion of the process, you will have two operating systems (here Mac OS X and Windows 8) installed in your computer but you will able to use only one at a time.

How to Install Windows on Your Mac?

To run Windows on Mac, you simply need to use the Mac Boot Camp Assistant application. You can open it by pressing ‘Command + Space,’ and then type Boot Camp and press ‘Enter.’

Now, from an ISO file, the Boot Camp Assistant application will copy the Windows installation files to a USB drive. And from that USB drive, you can install Windows on your Mac. You can download the latest Windows drivers from Apple website, and these drivers will automatically get installed once you complete the Windows installation.

The Mac Boot Camp application is a smart application, and it will guide you through the method of resizing your Mac’s current system partition so that you can create your new Windows partition.

  • First screen titles ‘Select tasks.’ It will list out three tasks each with check boxes. If you are performing the installation for the first time, its better, to keep all the options, checked.
  • Next Screen titles ‘Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation. Now, make sure that you have connected the USB flash drive with Windows ISO files to your system. Now, click on ‘Select’ and browse for the files and select it. Note that your USB drive will get completely erased thus create the backup of the important files on that drive.
  • The third screen reads “Copying Windows files.” Your Mac will create the Windows installer drive, but this process might take a while. The progress bar might appear stuck in one position, just be patient.
  • Once the Mac completes creating a USB installation drive, you will see the next screen that titles ‘Create a Partition.’ Here, you require dividing the drive of your Mac system into two separate partitions: one for Windows and other for Mac OS X.
  • Depending on the volume of space you want for your Windows system and Mac system, you can allocate space to the respective drivers. If your Mac has multiple hard disks, then you can specifically dedicate one hard disk for Windows.
  • Next, your Mac will restart, and it will automatically boot the Windows installer from the USB drive. Follow the instruction of the installer and get Windows installed on your Mac.

  • Next screen reads “Where do you want to install Windows?” Here, select the partition titled BOOTCAMP. Then, click the ‘Format’ option and then click ‘Continue.’

Windows will install normally, and the Boot Camp installer will reappear after the installation process finishes. Then it will install the hardware drivers and utilities. Once the installer finishes its job, you can detach the USB drive and start using the Windows in your Mac system.

To remove Windows from your Mac, just reboot into Mac OS X. Then, again open the Boot Camp Assistant. Here in the first screen option you will see the option that reads ‘Remove Windows 7 or later version.’ Check that box, and Boot Camp Assistant will automatically remove Windows. That will free up space in your drive, and Boot Camp assistant will automatically expand the Mac OS X partition to that.

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