Runaway-They will come to kill us

Man face threat to their life rarely as they rule the world but what they forget is that there are other candidates also in this earth fight to sustain their life. I just try here to see the intrusion of man to the life of fish from the perspective of a group of fish and other marine life. The story is written in the form of a play and it is the result my research for a long period of time on impact of fishing on marine life.

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Runaway-They will come to kill us


(Sea – establishing shots)

(A long shot of the sea where several trawlers are busy in capturing fish, In Close – Up several fish comes up and looks around with anxiety. In between the chaos, a small fish interrupts)

Baby fish: Mama! I don’t understand. Why everyone making such a huge commotion?

(Other fishes are busy guiding their babies to deep sea. It results a pandemonium in the scene.

Mother fish: My dear child, this shore is no longer safe for us to live. So everyone is moving towards deeper waters.

Baby fish: Ah! But…no… I can’t! I won’t come. Why mama? Can’t we stay here for some more time?

Mother fish: No dear, we have to go. Man’s greed is destroying our homes.

Baby fish: I don’t understand, what’s going on?

Mother fish: You are too young my dear, Come with me. I’ll show you. (Points farther away)


Baby fish: what is that?

Mother fish: Careful! Just keep close to me. You might fall into those traps

Baby fish: it’s just fishing net. Why are you scared just by that?

Mother fish: Nah! It is just that I am concerned about you kids out there. Today man is competing among themselves to exploit nature and thereby misusing sea and its resources. See… how many fishing nets are being laid out there!!

Baby fish: exploit? What the hell is that?

Mother fish: Today greedy men are using fishing nets with very small mesh sizes. so…

Baby fish: So what? What if they use such nets?

Mother fish: (weeping) Instead of using fishing nets with permissible mesh size they use small meshed nets which are laid around several Kilometers to capture even baby fishes. (Mother sighs). They weren’t like this at all.

Baby fish: How did they catch fish earlier?

Mother fish: They used to set free all baby fishes that were trapped in nets …… (Suddenly) oh no………..!


(Several baby fish comes towards the mother fish crying)
(Help help)

Mother fish: Kids let’s get out of here. Come.. Follow me.. Quick!!

(A bottom trawl net follows a group of fish. The mother fish and the baby fishes turn around and try to get out off the way)

(The baby fishes yell with horror and follow their mother)

(Mother fish and the kids successfully escapes from the trawl net and stays on the other side)

Mother fish: ho..! Made it (everyone exhausting)

Baby fish: But mom, will these monsters ever come again? (Exhausting)

Mother fish: you guys made it today. But look …unfortunately, how many kids are trapped inside the trawl net!!

Baby fish: Then shall we go to the bottom?

Mother fish: I am afraid, we can’t……for these bottom trawl nets destroys sea bottom too..

Baby fish: Then there is no place at the bottom too?

Mother fish: no! Trawl nets will damage the sea bottom and mix clay with water.

Baby fish: but then how can we breathe?

Mother fish: like I said, it would be difficult for you kids. You might be suffocated.Poisonous gases that are being found in the deepest areas of the ocean, could come out resulting in the destruction of eggs and larvae. (The mother fish points at the code end of the trawl net)


Mother fish: Hey look! Many baby fishes are trapped in the code-end of the trawl net. And lots of them are already dead. “Hey you idiotic human beings, one day you’ll realize that you’re killing the ducks that lays golden eggs.

Baby fishes (together): Yes, of course.

Day one end
2nd day morning

Mother and baby fishes are playing. Playing as if they’re running and touching each other (Music only)

Baby fish: (A small fish enters the scene) Mama, Mama look there… our friends are laying there injured.

(Everyone follows the mother fish towards the injured fishes)

(There the starfish and Sea turtle lies heavily injured)

Mother fish: Oh dear, what happened? Your hands are all crushed.

Starfish: Oh mother fish, those cruel humans done this. Yesterday, the boards of the trawl net ran over us. Many died and many lost their hands and legs. Cruels…. earlier, if we are caught, they used to set us free back to the sea without any hesitation. But now…

Mother fish: Children… At those times, man was never overwhelmed with selfishness. They used to cast the nets on the waters surface only. Now, with new kinds of fishing nets, they are hunting evenat the bottom.

Sea Turtle: I don’t understand…Why do they destroy us as we are of no use to them?


Mother fish: These people have failed to realize that we all are required for the sustainability of the sea.
Hermit Crab: (Comes forward and speak) There was a time when we could move around freely without fearing anybody. Today the situation is changed. There’s no hope for us too..

Baby Fish: Doesn’t man know this at all?

Mother fish: They know everything but they act as if they don’t know anything Today all are competing to destroy everything..

Eel: even we don’t have any hide-outs. how shall we survive?

Clown fish: Look, they have destroyed our home, the coral reefs. Damn! Do they ever realize how much time it takes to form again? Now where will we go?

All the fish together: Where shall we go?

Clown fish: Ah! They will destroy everyone.

Baby fish: Mama! I’m scared. where shall we go now?

Mother fish: Come on son. Let’s go to the shore.(both of them go to the shore. There at a distant place, fishing harbour is being seen)

Baby Fish: Oh! Mama, why water is so blackish there?

Mother fish: Son, that’s the fishing harbour. You see, humans dump grease, oil and all other wastes to the sea.


They don’t care about it at all. See over there? That shore is contaminated and fishes are struggling to breathe.
Baby Fish: (with sadness) Mom, let’s go from here.

Mother Fish: Come on son let’s visit the lake.

Baby Fish: lake? What is that? Is it beautiful?

Mother fish: Ah! That was beautiful once… now the lakes also got contaminated
(Both of them go towards the lake)

(A pearl spot joins the group.)

Pearl spot: Ah! Long time no see. What are you guys doing here? Are you bored with life at sea?

Mother fish: Oh no! no! my friend, all of us are leaving the shore. I just wanted to show my son this lake.
Pearl Spot: Sounds great! I’m relieved that you people can move to the deep sea atleast. But for us, we have no options but to die here.

Baby fish: Mama! What’s going on? Nobody is here around?


Pearl spot: Ah! Kid, There were many friends of mine living here. But today only some of them are surviving. Many fish were captured mercilessly. Many died due to the polluted water. Right now, this place gives us an impression of hell. Come I’ll show you everything.

Pearl spot: come along the centre path. it is full of Chinese fishing nets all around the shores.

Baby fish: (with anxiety) What are Chinese fishing nets?

Perl spot: Oh, that! A kind of trap nets, Earlier, man used to fix these nets here and there. But now!

Baby fish: Now what happened?

Perl spot: Now it is too many here even at the centre. Soon this lake shall be full of Chinese nets.

Mother fish: Unfortunately, humans don’t realize that protecting lakes and its organisms is important for the sustainability of sea and its environment.

Baby fish: What is this? Why are these nets cloaked into these twigs?

Mother fish: Oh, for heaven’s sake my child, don’t go near to it. they are stake nets set by humans. These traps are set to capture fishes coming down

Baby fish: Oh no! So many small fishes got trapped. I wonder how it happened

Perl spot: You see, there are several fishes that come from lakes and sea towards the shore to lay eggs and spend their childhood. can you see a group of small fish? over there…?


Baby fish: Ah! Yes, yes. Oh! It’s wonderful to see them playing around.

Pearl spot: Yah, but if they lost track of their group or come towards centre, they will get trapped in. Now do you understand how hard we all try to protect them?

Mother fish: Now, there is no peace of mind and it’s all because of those humans.

Baby Fish: Hey! What’s this? A school? There are lots of children playing around. And look Mom, there are also swings to play with.

Pearl spot: Dear, those are mangroves – the play-ground for many small fishes. Earlier this place was thick with mangroves. It was full of fish and other aquatic organisms. But today’s condition is what you see. Who knows how long this scenery will remains?

Baby fish: why??

Pearl spot: My child, now even these mangroves are getting destroyed by humans.

Baby Fish: Why are they destroying such harmless things?

Pearl spot: For constructing their factories and buildings, But while doing such horrible things they fail to realize that these mangroves are essential for their existence.

Mother fish: (Crying) feels sad on hearing all this. Alright then, I’ll take your leave now. We have to leave with everyone else.

Pearl spot: Alright then. Good luck. Hope we’ll meet again.

Mother fish: Come son, let’s go.

(Both of them bid goodbye to Pearl spot and return to sea)

Baby Fish: Ho! Reached sea. Hang on, where’s everyone? Has everyone left?


Mother fish: Hey, careful. Don’t fall in to any traps.

Baby Fish: Hey, Mom what’s that? looks like a great wall?

Mother fish: Oh that’s gill net. Earlier man used small gill nets with large mesh sizes. but! now they are using big nets with small mesh sizes

Baby Fish: Why the small mesh size?

Mother fish: To capture small fishes like you.

Baby Fish: Oh no! Those little fishes got trapped inside the net.

Little Fishes: No stop! Don’t come here. It’s of no use. We got trapped already. We thought we could escape. But it has got small mesh size.

Mother fish: Come, son. Let’s get out of here. It’s not like old times when man used large mesh sized nets, But now they are digging their own grave.

Baby Fish: What’s this?

Mother fish: Oh no! Come here! Quick!

Baby Fish: What is that?

Mother fish: Son it’s common. Man dump waste materials like broken nets, cans and other plastic materials from their boats to the sea.

Baby Fish: oh no! That poor Turtle has got trapped in that torn net.

Mr. Turtle: No kid, don’t come near me. This net had fallen on me. Unfortunately my neck got trapped in. Can’t escape. Hmm…Look’s like I’ve no other option rather than to die-here. Damn! what’s the use of those laws of protection

Mother fish: come son, quick.

Baby Fish: Wow!!! Lots of coral reefs… hold on, … why are these reefs smashed and scrambled?

Crab: Well that’s the work of the dynamite launched by those terrible beings. Many of us used to live here peacefully. But now, all of them were taken away by those people and I got out somehow. You guys better escape. Or else, they shall come for you…

(The baby fish hides).

Baby fish: Ooh! I’m scared Mama they’ll catch me…..Boo… Hoo….

Mother fish: Don’t worry son. I’m always with you. Let’s go to the deep along with others. Come quick!

Baby fish: don’t you think they’ll hunt us over there too?

Mother fish: Don’t know. Now, let’s go. May be we could live there for some more years.

All the fishes together: Where to go? Where shall we run away? if this goes on, everything will be a disaster. Even this biodiversity…..

Baby Fish: Won’t this affect human beings?

Mother fish: Yes, it will… for generations to come.

Baby fish: But then, how they escape from this terrible situation?

Mother fish: Only when they stop all this unnecessary and cruel actions and when they start treating sea as their own mother.

Mother fish: come, let’s escape far……far away to the depths

The end