News Running race ( Athletics ) in the SEA Games...

Running race ( Athletics ) in the SEA Games XVII 2011.


Athletics seems to be a phenomenon in the SEA Games XXVI 2011. Sport until it closed in the sixth day, Wednesday (16/11/2011), 13 gold successfully donated athletic teams Indonesia.

The most phenomenal, of gold which is offered from the number of long distance running. Triyaningsih be excellent at this number. Understandably, these long-distance runners specialists successfully collected three gold from three numbers, which is 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters and Marathon.

No less brilliant results achieved also Agus Prayogo who won two gold in the numbers run 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters champion. Members of Indonesia’s National Armed Forces successfully inflate the number of gold pieces contingent Indonesia.

The absence of Suryo Agung Wibowo in short numbers covered by the presence of Franklin Ramses Buruni above the track. Papua son’s success to collect gold in the 100 meters and 200 meters champion. In fact, Franklin previously not considered a success with the team gold medal 4×100 meter relay finals.

The trail was followed serafi Franklin Unani successful offering of gold in the 100 meters daughter. Not only that, Heroine Indonesia also won gold in the number of hurdles women’s number 3000 meters on behalf of Budiarti Rini.

Not to be outdone, Heru Asriyanto also managed to carve gold in the 400 meters champion number. Women’s 4×100 meter run numbers also do not want to lose. They successfully won the highest medal also broke the national record. And Yahuza complement Indonesia gold in the men’s marathon.

‘We are very thankful, this year’s SEA Games athletes Indonesia could indicate increased yields. As I recall, this is the first athletics gold gets double digits since 1993,’ said Secretary General of All-Indonesia Association of Athletics PASI, Tigor Tanjung.

With this result, the athletic teams Indonesia successfully passed the target of seven gold.

This is the medal standings SEA Games XVII, until Friday morning (11.18.2011) at 06.00: pm.

Country Gold-Silver-Bronze

1. Indonesia 108-81-76

2. Vietnam 68-63-64

3. Thailand 64-58-69

4. Malaysia 37-37-51

5. Singapore 32-36-56

6. Philippines 19-33-42

7. Laos 6-5-21

8. Myanmar 3-13-21

9. Cambodia 3-10-15

10. Brunei 0-1-6

11. Timor Leste 0-0-1

Running race ( Athletics ) in the SEA Games XVII 2011.
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