Running Socks with Individual Toes

Running socks with individual toes are becoming a hot item not only with runners, but with those who are into sports activities of all kinds. Who would have thought that bright multi-colored toe socks that were all the rage back in the 70’s would make such an amazing come back. Why and how is this happening?

The reason it’s happening is that some genius has discovered that when you construct toe socks made of specific fabrics they become more than just a fad. It’s the design of toe socks combined with moisture wicking fabrics woven together that make them so unique.

Regular socks designed for athlete’s that are made of the same fabrics as athletic toe socks, get the job done, but when it comes to increased performance toe socks come through as winners. This is because they provide better blister prevention and keep feet and toes dry, which means there is extra protection and comfort and as a result there is increased performance.

When you wear running socks with individual toes there is no skin on skin friction this allows toes to move freely as well as keep toes blister free. Another benefit of athletic toe socks is that they help prevent spreading of athlete’s foot as each toe is separate from the others. You may be starting to see why toe socks have become so popular.

If you’re interested in trying out a pair of running socks with individual toes then you might want to check out reviews and compare prices on Amazon to find the best of the best.

One of the most popular brands of running toe socks is Injinji, in fact, Injinji carries a full line of athletic toe socks, so if you’re into hiking, biking or any other sport, Injinji will not disappoint.

To give you an idea of what to expect, Injinji has a couple of best selling athletic toe socks that are in the $10-$15 price range. For example, the Injinji Performance Micro Toe Socks have over 200 reviews with a 4+ star rating and are priced under $15.

Then there’s the Injinji Performance Mini Crew Toe Socks with 150 reviews and 4+ star rating for under $15. Can all of these people be wrong? I don’t think so. If you haven’t jumped on the athletic toe socks band wagon it’s about time you considered it.

Running socks with individual toes might look and feel a bit different at first, but once you get used to them and experience what they have to offer you’ll be hooked.

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