Russia: A Few Unusual Tourist Destinations In The Largest Country In The World

In terms of area, Russia is the largest country in the world, taking up around 11.5 percent of total landmass, but the most of this vast land isn’t populated and the Russia is only 9th country on the list in the terms of population. However, because of its size, Russia is a home to some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world that aren’t too exposed in the general public.


One of the hidden gems of Russia is most definitely Vladivostok. Vladivostok is the farthest city for tourists travelling from Europe. It is located on the eastern coast of the Russian Federation. It has population of around 600 000 and it is the main harbor for the Russian Navy pacific fleet. Vladivostok means ruler of the east in Russian. Vladivostok is connected with Moscow via Trans-Siberian railway. Trans-Siberian railway is 9289 km long and it is the longest railway in the world.

Diving Under Ice

Even though for this achievement you need two diving certificates – Advanced OWD PADI and Dry Suite PADI, this activity most certainly should’t be missed. Barents Sea is a must see destination for the diving fans. In Barents Sea there is a huge number of animal species and vegetation that can only be seen at this part of the planet.

The Northern Sea Cruises

Cruising is probably one of the last associations for tourists when you mention Russia. However, cruising in the Northern Seas of Russia is one of the most popular routes for exploring this not so investigated part of the Earth. The prices are a bit steep, so with the price of 5000 euros for two weeks, this cruise is reserved for those with deep pockets, but the sights and nature you will be able to see if you embark on this journey are indeed priceless.

Kitesurfing in the Sea of Japan

Sea of Japan is located at the far eastern coast of Russia, and it is best to visit the coasts in the fall when direction and wind power can be guessed more precisely. It is not easy to find the best accommodation at this part of Russian coast, but this area offers endless open air activities that you will remember forever.